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Fiestas Patrias 1966

00-00-0000 - 02-10-1966
Type: Amateur
Men's singles
Surface: Unknown
Place/court: Valparaiso
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Source: World Tennis

Players list

  Cornejo Seckel, Patricio (CHI)
  Fillol sr, Jaime Jose (CHI)
  Keymer, Roberto (CHI)
  Pabst, Omar (CHI)
  Pinto-Bravo, Jaime (CHI)
  Rodriguez, Patricio H. (CHI)
  Soriano, Eduardo (ARG)
  Tort, Jose (CHI)


0000-00-00 Quarterfinals

0000-00-00 Rodriguez, Patricio H. d. Keymer, Roberto (6-0 6-4)
0000-00-00 Cornejo Seckel, Patricio d. Tort, Jose (6-2 6-2)
0000-00-00 Pinto-Bravo, Jaime d. Pabst, Omar (4-6 7-5 7-5)
0000-00-00 Soriano, Eduardo d. Fillol sr, Jaime Jose (6-3 5-7 6-2)

0000-00-00 Semifinals

0000-00-00 Rodriguez, Patricio H. d. Cornejo Seckel, Patricio (6-0 6-4)
0000-00-00 Pinto-Bravo, Jaime d. Soriano, Eduardo (7-5 6-2)

0000-00-00 Final

0000-00-00 Rodriguez, Patricio H. d. Pinto-Bravo, Jaime (6-1 6-1 6-1)


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