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Southampton Invitation (Long Island)

Meadow Club
United States of America

  1887  Taylor, Howard Augustus
  1888  Taylor, Howard Augustus
  1889  Taylor, Howard Augustus
  1890  Taylor, Howard Augustus
  1891  Hall, Valentine Gill
  1892  Hall Jr., Edward Ludlow (Eddie)
  1893  Larned, William Augustus (Bill)
  1899  Whitman, Malcolm Douglass (Mal)
  1903  Doherty , Hugh Lawrence (Laurie)
  1919  Garland, Charles Stedman (Chuck)
  1929  Mercur, Frederic (Fritz)
  1930  Wood Jr., Sidney Burr
  1931  Lott, George Martin
  1933  Shields, Francis Xavier (Frank)
  1934  Parker, Frank Andrew
  1935  Parker, Frank Andrew
  1936  Parker, Frank Andrew
  1937  Riggs, Robert Larimore (Bobby)
  1938  Riggs, Robert Larimore (Bobby)
  1939  Riggs, Robert Larimore (Bobby)
  1940  McNeill, William Donald (Don)
  1941  Riggs, Robert Larimore (Bobby)
  1943  Segura- Cano, Francisco Olegario (Pancho)
  1944  Segura- Cano, Francisco Olegario (Pancho)
  1945  Talbert, William Franklin (Billy)
  1946  Mulloy, Gardnar Putnam
  1947  Segura- Cano, Francisco Olegario (Pancho)
  1948  Gonzales, Ricardo Alonso (Pancho)
  1949  Talbert, William Franklin (Billy)
  1950  Cochell, Earl
  1951  Trabert, Marion Anthony (Tony)
  1952  Brown, Noel
  1953  Tuero, Jack Meredith
  1954  Moylan, Edward (Eddie)
  1955  Moylan, Edward (Eddie)
  1956  Emerson, Roy Stanley
  1958  Richardson, Hamilton Farrar (Ham)
  1959  Vermaak, Ian Clyde
  1960  Laver, Rodney George (Rod)
  1961  Fox, Allen E.
  1962  Stolle, Frederick Sidney (Fred)
  1964  Scott, Eugene Lytton (Gene)
  1965  McKinley Jr., Charles Robert (Chuck)
  1966  Roche, Anthony Dalton (Tony)
  1967  Davidson, Owen Keir
  1968  Holmberg, Ronald Edward
  1969  Graebner, Clark Edward

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