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Elbe Cup


The Elbe Pokal or Elbe Cup,the Consolation Round of the German International Championships.This competition was played until 1970.In the following year it was abolished when the Championships were moved to May and shortened to one week. Winners include Billy Knight,Fred Stolle,Barry Philips-Moore,John Newcombe,Bob Lutz and surprisingly Hamburg born players Bernd Kube and Uwe Gottschalk.
  1952  Blondel, Paul
  1956  Jancso, Antal
  1957  Knight, William Arthur (Billy)
  1958  Garrido, Orlando H.
  1959  Pilet, Gerard
  1960  Becker, Roger
  1961  Stolle, Frederick Sidney (Fred)
  1962  Phillips-Moore, Barry
  1963  Newcombe, John David
  1966  Gottschalk, Uwe
  1967  Lutz, Robert Charles (Bob)
  1968  Gottschalk, Uwe
  1969  Kube, Bernd

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