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Heineken Open; New Zealand Invitation
New Zealand

A new invitation tournament was held in Auckland in 1956. An annual event, it grew in importance and attracted major international players. The tournament – called the Auckland Glass invitation, the Wills tournament, the Benson and Hedges Open and finally the Heineken Open
  1956  Perry, Robert M. (Bob)
  1958  Fancutt, Trevor Thomas
  1959  Robson, Jeff E.
  1961  Laver, Rodney George (Rod)
  1962  Fletcher, Kenneth Norman (Ken)
  1963  Gerrard, Lewis Albert (Lew)
  1966  Emerson, Roy Stanley
  1967  Emerson, Roy Stanley
  1968  Phillips-Moore, Barry
  1969  Roche, Anthony Dalton (Tony)
  1970  Taylor, Roger
  1971  Carmichael, Robert John (Bob)
  1974  Borg, Björn Rune
  2011  Ferrer, David
  2012  Ferrer, David
  2013  Ferrer, David
  2014  Isner, John Robert
  2015  Vesely, Jiri
  2016  Bautista-Agut, Roberto
  2017  Sock, Jack

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