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Western States Championships

Western Championships
United States of America

  1887  Chase, Charles A.
  1888  Chase, Charles A.
  1889  Chase, Charles A.
  1890  Chase, Charles A.
  1891  Chase, Samuel Thompson
  1892  Chase, Samuel Thompson
  1893  Chase, Samuel Thompson
  1897  Collins, Kreigh
  1899  Neel, Carr Baker
  1929  Gledhill, Keith
  1935  Coen, Wilbur Franklyn (Junior)
  1936  Sutter, Ernest M. (Ernie)
  1937  Senior, Walter
  1940  Riggs, Robert Larimore (Bobby)
  1944  Segura- Cano, Francisco Olegario (Pancho)
  1945  Talbert, William Franklin (Billy)
  1946  Talbert, William Franklin (Billy)
  1947  Larned, Gardner
  1948  Gonzales, Ricardo Alonso (Pancho)
  1949  Brink, James
  1950  Flam, Herbert (Herb)
  1951  Bartzen, Bernard (Tut)
  1952  Larsen, Arthur David (Art)
  1953  Brown, Noel
  1954  Seixas, Elias Victor (Vic)
  1956  Seixas, Elias Victor (Vic)
  1957  Seixas, Elias Victor (Vic)
  1958  Olmedo, Alejandro Rodriquez (Alex)
  1959  Bartzen, Bernard (Tut)
  1960  Reed, Whitney
  1961  Dell, Donald Lundy
  1962  Pasarell Jr., Charles (Charlito)
  1963  Lenoir, William J. (Billy)
  1964  Ralston, Richard (Dennis)
  1965  Richey Jr, George Clifford (Cliff)
  1966  Richey Jr, George Clifford (Cliff)
  1967  Belkin, Mike L.
  1968  Fillol sr, Jaime Jose
  1969  Richey Jr, George Clifford (Cliff)
  1970  Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken)
  1971  Smith, Stanley Roger (Stan)
  1972  Connors, James Scott (Jimmy)

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