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Travemünde International Tournament 1956


19-07-1956 - 22-07-1956
Type: Amateur
Men's singles
Surface: Unknown
Place/court: Travenmunde, Germany
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22th edition
Source: World Tennis/Deutsche Tennis Zeitung

Players list

  Anderson, Malcolm (Mal) (AUS)
  Branovic, Milan (Misko) (YUG)
  Cooper, Ashley John (AUS)
  Dallwitz, Gottfried (FRG)
  Emerson, Roy Stanley (AUS)
  Feldbausch, Franz (FRG)
  Fraser, Neale Andrew (AUS)
  Gerloff, Dieter (GER)
  Helmrich, Werner (FRG)
  Huber, Rupert (FRG)
  Legenstein, Ladislav (Laci) (AUT)
  Lencer, Wolfgang (FRG)
  Meya, Klaus (FRG)
  Reimann, Günther (FRG)
  Rode, Klaus (FRG)
  Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken) (AUS)
  Scholl, Peter (GER)
  Van Voorhees, Wayne (USA)


0000-00-00 Round 1

0000-00-00 Anderson, Malcolm (Mal) d. Reimann, Günther (6-4 6-2)
0000-00-00 Fraser, Neale Andrew d. Meya, Klaus (9-7 6-4)
0000-00-00 Feldbausch, Franz d. Van Voorhees, Wayne (6-1 6-1)

0000-00-00 Round 2

0000-00-00 Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken) d. Rode, Klaus (6-1 6-1)
0000-00-00 Helmrich, Werner d. Gerloff, Dieter (1-6 6-1 6-4)
0000-00-00 Huber, Rupert d. Anderson, Malcolm (Mal) (6-3 6-0)
0000-00-00 Fraser, Neale Andrew d. Feldbausch, Franz (9-7 6-3)
0000-00-00 Branovic, Milan (Misko) d. Lencer, Wolfgang (6-2 6-3)
0000-00-00 Legenstein, Ladislav (Laci) d. Scholl, Peter (6-4 7-5)
0000-00-00 Cooper, Ashley John d. Dallwitz, Gottfried (6-4 6-1)

0000-00-00 Quarterfinals

0000-00-00 Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken) d. Helmrich, Werner (6-4 6-4)
0000-00-00 Emerson, Roy Stanley d. Huber, Rupert (6-2 2-6 6-4)
0000-00-00 Branovic, Milan (Misko) d. Fraser, Neale Andrew (6-3 2-6 6-4)
0000-00-00 Legenstein, Ladislav (Laci) d. Cooper, Ashley John (4-6 6-2 6-4)

0000-00-00 Semifinals

0000-00-00 Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken) d. Emerson, Roy Stanley (7-5 1-6 6-1)
0000-00-00 Legenstein, Ladislav (Laci) d. Branovic, Milan (Misko) (6-4 6-4)

1956-07-22 Final

1956-07-22 Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken) d. Legenstein, Ladislav (Laci) (8-6 3-6 6-0)


This was the greatest draw in the long history of this
tournament. Nobody took notice at the time,but some
of the biggest names in Tennis competed in this small Tourist town at the Baltic Sea in 1956.It was the confrontation between the australian Davis Cup Team (minus
Lew Hoad)and the german Davis Cup Team (plus german National Champion Branovic,who as a former yugoslavian citizen and Davis Cup Player could not compete for Germany).Although the german Players of this era have to be considered as rather weak,they performed
quite well against the australians.The tournament managed to
last for another 32 years,expiring in 1988 as an ATP Challenger.Future Singles Champions included Rose,Lundquist Wolfgang Stuck,Pilic,Mulligan,Nastase,Elschenbroich,Buster Mottram,
Uli Pinner,Taroczy and Michael Westphal.

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