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Stockholm 1978


06-11-1978 - 13-11-1978
Type: Grand Prix Circuit
Men's singles
Surface: Indoor
Place/court: Stockholm
Draw: 64
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Players list

  Amaya, Victor C. (USA)
  Amritraj, Anand (IND)
  Amritraj, Vijay (IND)
  Ashe, Arthur Robert [10] (USA)
  Austin, John R. (USA)
  Barazzutti, Corrado [5] (ITA)
  Bengtson, Ove Nils (SWE)
  Birner, Stanislav (TCH)
  Bohrnstedt, Richard Lawrence (Dick) (USA)
  Borg, Björn Rune [1] (SWE)
  Cox, Mark M. (ENG)
  Dibbs, Eddie [2] (USA)
  Drysdale, Robin Wordsworth (ENG)
  El Shafei, Ismael Adly (EGY)
  Eriksson, Ulf (SWE)
  Fibak, Wojtek [12] (POL)
  Fleming, Peter Blair [16] (USA)
  Gottfried, Brian Edward [4] (USA)
  Granat, Jiri (TCH)
  Gullikson, Thomas Robert (Tom) (USA)
  Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) [13] (USA)
  Gunthardt, Heinz Peter (SUI)
  Hardie, George (USA)
  Hewitt, Robert Anthony John (Bob) (RSA)
  Hjertquist, Per (SWE)
  Hrebec, Jiri (TCH)
  James, John William (AUS)
  Kallqvist, Jan (SWE)
  Kodes, Jan (TCH)
  Kriek, Johan C. (RSA)
  Larsson, Bo (SWE)
  Lendl, Ivan (TCH)
  Letcher, Cliff L. (AUS)
  Lloyd, John Michael [14] (ENG)
  Lutz, Robert Charles (Bob) (USA)
  Manson, Bruce (USA)
  Mayer, Alexander (Sandy) [8] (USA)
  McEnroe, John Patrick [3] (USA)
  McMillan, Frew Donald (RSA)
  Meiler, Karl (GER)
  Mitton, Bernard (Bernie) (RSA)
  Moore, Raymond J. (Ray) (RSA)
  Nastase, Ilie [9] (ROM)
  Norback, Jan E. (SWE)
  Okker, Thomas Samuel (Tom) (NED)
  Palm, Douglas (SWE)
  Panatta, Adriano (ITA)
  Pattison, Andrew J. (ZIM)
  Pearson, Peter (USA)
  Roger-Vasselin, Christophe (FRA)
  Sadri, John (USA)
  Simonsson, Stefan (SWE)
  Smid, Tomas (TCH)
  Smith, Stanley Roger (Stan) [15] (USA)
  Solomon, Harold [6] (USA)
  Stockton, Richard LeClede (Dick) [11] (USA)
  Svensson, Tenny (SWE)
  Tanner, Leonard R. (Roscoe) [7] (USA)
  Taygan, Ferdi (USA)
  Van Dillen, Erik Jacobus (USA)
  Waltke, Trey H. (USA)
  Zednik, Vladimir (TCH)
  Zirngibl, Werner (GER)
  Zugarelli, Antonio (ITA)


1978-11-06 Round 1

1978-11-06 Borg, Björn Rune d. Austin, John R. (6-3 6-1)
1978-11-06 Mitton, Bernard (Bernie) d. Waltke, Trey H. (4-6 6-4 6-3)
1978-11-06 McMillan, Frew Donald d. Manson, Bruce (7-6 6-4)
1978-11-06 Nastase, Ilie d. Sadri, John (6-4 7-6)
1978-11-06 Fleming, Peter Blair d. Roger-Vasselin, Christophe (4-6 6-0 6-1)
1978-11-06 Eriksson, Ulf d. Pattison, Andrew J. (7-6 7-6)
1978-11-06 Lendl, Ivan d. Bohrnstedt, Richard Lawrence (Dick) (7-5 6-7 6-1)
1978-11-06 Mayer, Alexander (Sandy) d. James, John William (7-6 6-1)
1978-11-06 McEnroe, John Patrick d. Larsson, Bo (6-1 6-3)
1978-11-06 Simonsson, Stefan d. Granat, Jiri (6-2 6-4)
1978-11-06 Kodes, Jan d. Zirngibl, Werner (6-3 6-2)
1978-11-06 Meiler, Karl d. Lloyd, John Michael (6-2 6-4)
1978-11-06 Panatta, Adriano d. Stockton, Richard LeClede (Dick) (3-6 7-6 7-5)
1978-11-06 Smid, Tomas d. Zugarelli, Antonio (6-3 6-1)
1978-11-06 Okker, Thomas Samuel (Tom) d. El Shafei, Ismael Adly (6-3 6-7 6-4)
1978-11-06 Hjertquist, Per d. Solomon, Harold (3-6 6-1 6-3)
1978-11-06 Bengtson, Ove Nils d. Barazzutti, Corrado (6-4 7-6)
1978-11-06 Drysdale, Robin Wordsworth d. Amritraj, Vijay (7-6 ret.)
1978-11-06 Gunthardt, Heinz Peter d. Amritraj, Anand (7-6 6-3)
1978-11-06 Ashe, Arthur Robert d. Svensson, Tenny (6-3 6-2)
1978-11-06 Fibak, Wojtek d. Pearson, Peter (6-1 6-0)
1978-11-06 Hardie, George d. Hewitt, Robert Anthony John (Bob) (6-3 6-2)
1978-11-06 Lutz, Robert Charles (Bob) d. Kallqvist, Jan (6-2 6-3)
1978-11-06 Gottfried, Brian Edward d. Hrebec, Jiri (7-6 6-2)
1978-11-06 Tanner, Leonard R. (Roscoe) d. Birner, Stanislav (6-3 6-2)
1978-11-06 Palm, Douglas d. Cox, Mark M. (2-6 7-5 6-1)
1978-11-06 Gullikson, Thomas Robert (Tom) d. Kriek, Johan C. (6-7 7-6 7-5)
1978-11-06 Smith, Stanley Roger (Stan) d. Taygan, Ferdi (6-4 6-3)
1978-11-06 Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) d. Letcher, Cliff L. (7-6 6-3)
1978-11-06 Zednik, Vladimir d. Van Dillen, Erik Jacobus (6-4 7-6)
1978-11-06 Norback, Jan E. d. Moore, Raymond J. (Ray) (6-2 7-6)
1978-11-06 Amaya, Victor C. d. Dibbs, Eddie (6-3 3-6 6-3)

1978-11-08 Round 2

1978-11-08 Borg, Björn Rune d. Mitton, Bernard (Bernie) (6-2 6-4)
1978-11-08 Nastase, Ilie d. McMillan, Frew Donald (6-2 6-4)
1978-11-08 Fleming, Peter Blair d. Eriksson, Ulf (6-4 5-7 6-4)
1978-11-08 Mayer, Alexander (Sandy) d. Lendl, Ivan (7-5 7-6)
1978-11-08 McEnroe, John Patrick d. Simonsson, Stefan (6-2 6-4)
1978-11-08 Kodes, Jan d. Meiler, Karl (7-5 6-4)
1978-11-08 Panatta, Adriano d. Smid, Tomas (7-6 6-4)
1978-11-08 Okker, Thomas Samuel (Tom) d. Hjertquist, Per (6-4 4-6 6-1)
1978-11-08 Bengtson, Ove Nils d. Drysdale, Robin Wordsworth (6-2 6-7 7-6)
1978-11-08 Ashe, Arthur Robert d. Gunthardt, Heinz Peter (4-6 6-0 6-4)
1978-11-08 Fibak, Wojtek d. Hardie, George (6-4 6-2)
1978-11-08 Gottfried, Brian Edward d. Lutz, Robert Charles (Bob) (7-6 6-3)
1978-11-08 Tanner, Leonard R. (Roscoe) d. Palm, Douglas (6-3 6-7 6-2)
1978-11-08 Smith, Stanley Roger (Stan) d. Gullikson, Thomas Robert (Tom) (7-6 7-6)
1978-11-08 Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) d. Zednik, Vladimir (6-4 6-4)
1978-11-08 Amaya, Victor C. d. Norback, Jan E. (6-4 6-1)

1978-11-09 Round 3

1978-11-09 Borg, Björn Rune d. Nastase, Ilie (6-4 6-3)
1978-11-09 Fleming, Peter Blair d. Mayer, Alexander (Sandy) (6-3 6-3)
1978-11-09 McEnroe, John Patrick d. Kodes, Jan (7-5 6-0)
1978-11-09 Okker, Thomas Samuel (Tom) d. Panatta, Adriano (7-6 6-1)
1978-11-09 Ashe, Arthur Robert d. Bengtson, Ove Nils (6-3 6-2)
1978-11-09 Fibak, Wojtek d. Gottfried, Brian Edward (6-2 4-6 6-2)
1978-11-09 Smith, Stanley Roger (Stan) d. Tanner, Leonard R. (Roscoe) (6-3 7-6)
1978-11-09 Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) d. Amaya, Victor C. (6-4 6-1)

1978-11-11 Quarterfinals

1978-11-11 Borg, Björn Rune d. Fleming, Peter Blair (6-4 6-4)
1978-11-11 McEnroe, John Patrick d. Okker, Thomas Samuel (Tom) (6-3 7-6)
1978-11-11 Fibak, Wojtek d. Ashe, Arthur Robert (7-6 6-4)
1978-11-11 Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) d. Smith, Stanley Roger (Stan) (6-4 6-4)

1978-11-12 Semifinals

1978-11-12 McEnroe, John Patrick d. Borg, Björn Rune (6-3 6-4)
1978-11-12 Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) d. Fibak, Wojtek (6-3 6-3)

1978-11-13 Final

1978-11-13 McEnroe, John Patrick d. Gullikson, Timothy Ernest (Tim) (6-2 6-2)


In the first-ever meeting between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, the 19-year-old McEnroe defeats the 22-year-old Borg 6-3 6-3 in the semifinals of the Stockholm Open in Sweden. The loss marks the first-ever professional loss for Borg to a younger player.
The McEnroe-Borg rivalry becomes one of the greatest in the sport as the two titans square off 14 times in all -each player winning 7 times. The two play in four memorable major finals, McEnroe winning 3 of 4 at the 1980 and 1981 US Open and at Wimbledon in 1981. Their epic final at Wimbledon in 1980 is regarded as one of the greatest matches of all-time, Borg winning his fifth consecutive title in a 1-6 7-5 6-3 6-7 8-6 epic.
McEnroe wins the Stockholm singles title the next day, defeating fellow American Tim Gullikson 6-2 6-2 in the final.”
Check out what McEnroe had to say about that first match. Extract from his atobiography Serious:
“Some people compare Sampras to Borg. In my mind, there’s no comparison. Even though Pete is one of the greatest players, of all time, Borg, by his presence alone, gave a lot back to the game. His story was incredible too: Who could ever have imagined such a player coming out f Sweden, a country of only eight million people, with a sub-Arctic climate?
He was the best athlete I’ve ever seen on a tennis court – I don’t think people realize how good an athlete he was. And the fact is, he had to be, because his game was bizarre, in a way: running back and forth, well behind the baseline, hitting ball after ball after ball until an angle opened up or the other guy missed. It was so side-to-side, compared to my forward-forward-forward, but Bjorn was so fast he could make up for it.
The first time we played – in the semifinals at the Stockholm Open in November 78 – was a perfect scenario for me, because it was on fast indoor, which wasn’t well suited to his game, particularly against me. I also think he felt pressure playing me in his hometown, in front of a Swedish crowd who’d gotten excited about the game because of him.
The win in Stockholm was a huge win for me – I was the first player younger than Borg to beat him – but it didn’t make me think one bit less of Bjorn. I just felt that I was with the big boys now – and this was the official coronation.”

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