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New South Wales Championships

Apia International Sydney

The Sydney International (formerly known as the Championship of New South Wales and New South Wales Open, with various title sponsors), sponsored as the Apia International Sydney as of 2012,[1] is a professional tennis tournament in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The tournament is played annually at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre in Homebush. It is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world, dating to 1885. The tournament is currently noted as an ATP 250 point event.[2]
  1885  Bush-Salmon, William John
  1886  Cropper, Charles William (Charlie)
  1887  Cropper, Charles William (Charlie)
  1888  Webb, Alfred Dudley (Dudley)
  1889  Colquhoun, Arthur Gideon Hugh
  1890  Webb, Alfred Dudley (Dudley)
  1891  Eaves, Wilberforce Vaughan
  1892  Webb, Alfred Dudley (Dudley)
  1893  Webb, Alfred Dudley (Dudley)
  1894  Webb, Alfred Dudley (Dudley)
  1895  Crossman, Henry Richard
  1896  Crossman, Henry Richard
  1897  Curtis, Dr. Albert
  1898  Crossman, Henry Richard
  1899  Kearney, Augustus Daniel (Gus)
  1900  Rice, Horace Michael
  1901  Kearney, Augustus Daniel (Gus)
  1902  Eaves, Wilberforce Vaughan
  1903  Sharp, Granville Gilbert
  1904  Sharp, Granville Gilbert
  1906  Sharp, Granville Gilbert
  1907  Rice, Horace Michael
  1908  Heath, Rodney Wilfrid
  1909  Heath, Rodney Wilfrid
  1910  Parker, Harry Alabaster
  1911  Campbell, Ashley de Vere
  1912  Jones, Alfred Booth
  1913  O'Hara Wood, Arthur Holroyd
  1914  Anderson , James Outram
  1915  Marsh , Matthew Henry (Henry)
  1930  Cummings, Regner Olaf (Jack)
  1931  Crawford, John Herbert (Jack)
  1933  Crawford, John Herbert (Jack)
  1934  Crawford, John Herbert (Jack)
  1935  Quist, Adrian Karl
  1936  Crawford, John Herbert (Jack)
  1937  Bromwich, John Edward
  1938  Bromwich, John Edward
  1940  Bromwich, John Edward
  1945  Pails, Dennis Robert (Dinny)
  1946  Bromwich, John Edward
  1947  Quist, Adrian Karl
  1948  Bromwich, John Edward
  1949  Bromwich, John Edward
  1950  Larsen, Arthur David (Art)
  1951  Seixas, Elias Victor (Vic)
  1952  Sedgman, Frank Arthur
  1953  Hoad, Lewis Alan (Lew)
  1954  Hartwig, Rex Noel
  1955  Hoad, Lewis Alan (Lew)
  1956  Rosewall, Kenneth Robert (Ken)
  1957  Cooper, Ashley John
  1958  Cooper, Ashley John
  1959  Fraser, Neale Andrew
  1960  Fraser, Neale Andrew
  1961  Laver, Rodney George (Rod)
  1962  Fraser, Neale Andrew
  1963  Ralston, Richard (Dennis)
  1964  Stolle, Frederick Sidney (Fred)
  1965  Newcombe, John David
  1966  Stolle, Frederick Sidney (Fred)
  1967  Roche, Anthony Dalton (Tony)
  1969  Roche, Anthony Dalton (Tony)
  1971  Dent, Philip Clive (Phil)
  1972  Metreveli, Alexander Irakleivich
  2011  Simon, Gilles
  2012  Nieminen, Jarkko
  2013  Tomic, Bernard
  2014  Del Potro, Juan Martin
  2015  Troicki, Viktor
  2016  Troicki, Viktor

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