Germany National Ranking Tournament 1973

General 1973-09-25 - 1973-09-30


Source Deutsche Tennis Zeitung

Report After the end of the clay court season on the preceding week the German Tennis Federation staged this unusual round-robin indoor tournament with 10 players and a total price money of DM 6000. It was no surprise that Ulrich Pinner became the winner after defeating all of his nine opponents. Frank Gebert who would be able to challenge him had to withdraw after the first round and was substituted by Herbert Schmidt.
The Final Standings were:1.Pinner,2.Brenner,3.Mattern,4.Neuner,
5.Marten,6.Staguhn,7.Schmidt,8.Loerke,9.Hamann,10.Kube. These results were mirrored by the German National Rankings of 1973:Pinner was ranked No.5,
Brenner no.17,Matter and Neuner joined No.19 and Loerke was judged as worthy of being ranked.The other 5 players were neither ranked nor mentioned.
The surprise player was Ulrich Marten who had won the National Junior Championships in July 1973.The next Ranking Tournament was to be played in June 1974
with a much better draw.


Winner Ulrich (Ulli) Pinner

Herbert Schmidt

Mario Brenner
Frank Gebert
Werner Hamann
Bernd Kube
Herbert Loerke
Ulrich (Ulli) Marten
Reinhard Mattern
Harald Neuner
Ulrich (Ulli) Pinner
Rolf Staguhn


First round matches shown below. Subsequent rounds were as follows: 2nd Round: Pinner d. Brenner 76,36,63 Mattern d. Neuner 76,26,61 Marten d. Staguhn 64,54 retired Herbert Schmidt d. Hamann 64,75 Loerke d. Kube 60,60 3rd Round: Pinner d. Neuner 75,64 Brenner d. Mattern 62,63 Marten d. Loerke 76,76 Staguhn d. Hamann 76,63 Schmidt d. Kube 60,60 4th Round: Pinner d. Marten 62,76 Brenner d. Neuner 75,64 Mattern d. Schmidt 64,76 Staguhn d. Kube 63,36,63 Loerke d. Hamann 36,63,64 5th Round: Pinner d. Staguhn 36,64,75 Brenner d. Loerke 75,64 Mattern d. Hamann 64,63 Neuner d. Schmidt 63 retired Marten d. Kube 75,62 6th Round: Pinner d. Schmidt 63,60 Brenner d. Staguhn 76,61 Mattern d. Loerke 64,46,64 Neuner d. Kube 62,61 Marten d. Hamann 63,60 7th Round: Pinner d. Loerke 64,63 Brenner d. Marten 75,62 Mattern d. Kube 60,60 Neuner d. Hamann 61,60 Staguhn d. Schmidt 76,62 8th Round: Pinner d. Hamann 63,61 Brenner d. Kube 60,60 Mattern d. Marten 63,64 Neuner d. Staguhn 76,64 Schmidt d. Loerke 62,36,63 9th Round: Pinner d. Kube 63,62 Brenner d. Hamann 60,60 Mattern d. Staguhn 62,62 Neuner d. Loerke 61,62 Marten d. Schmidt 62,64

Ulli Pinner*
Reinhard Mattern
6-7 6-2 6-0
Mario Brenner*
Frank Gebert
7-6 6-1
Harald Neuner*
Ulrich (Ulli) Marten
6-4 2-6 6-1
Rolf Staguhn*
Herbert Loerke
3-6 6-4 6-1
Werner Hamann*
Bernd Kube
6-0 6-0
Herbert Schmidt*