Seven years Tennis archives

In 2011 I decided to start I wasn’t really happy with existing sites, especially on pre 1968 Tennis. In that year Pro tennis finally won over the amateur game. For results and info post 1968 there are several good sites, Like ATP. Much has happened since the start of this site. The original builder suddenly died and all the info was saved at the very last moment. At first I did all the work on my own, but very soon David Donlon from the U.S. came to help me. The last years there is a group of loyal correspondents that are contributing with results, biographies, pictures etc. To name a few: Mark Ryan, Alexander Schwarz, Carlo Colussi, Roland Mittelberger and many others. Former players and their families often write and add info as well. Peter Steevensz is the man behind the scenes who built the site and keeps it running! It’s great to see many tennis enthousiasts using and enjoying the site so much! Wikipedia uses Tennisarchives as an important source very often. For me it has always been important to keep the site free. Some sites tried to copy my site, using my results and then ask money to use all the info. I will never consider doing that! The info is free and stays free. But running a site like this isn’t free from costs. The site itself, the domain, the travels to libraries like Wimbledon, it all costs. My time I spent freely because I love doing it. And I would love to keep the site free from adverts. So before they will appear on this site I will try to get a little support from you, the user.

If you enjoy this site as much as I do, please consider donating some money to keep it like it is and improving further in future. For more info and contact write me at: Idzznew at

Alex Nieuwland, Tennis Archives


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