General Maurice Albert
Geneva, Switzerland
in Boisy, Haute-Savoie, France


Maurice Turrettini was born on July 24, 1878 in Geneva, the son of the banker Albert Turrettini and his wife Edmée. His ancestors originally came from Lucca in Tuscany and had arrived in Calvinist Geneva in 1578 as religious refugees. The pedigree of the Turrettini family includes bankers as well as theologians Jean-Alphonse or François Turrettini.

After graduation he studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. To his teachers included Benjamin Recordon, builder of the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne and Professor at the Polytechnic from 1890 to 1916 and Gustav Gull, former city architect of Zurich and professor from 1900 to 1929.

After completing his studies and returning to Geneva in 1904 he married Justine de Watteville (born July 3, 1879 in Bern, † 1967) from the Bernese patrician family of Wattenwyl. The following year, he founded with the architect Guillaume Revilliod (born February 2, 1877 in Geneva, † February 8, 1961 in Paris), the architectural firm Revilliod-Turrettini, which existed until 1920. The office made a name for itself in the following years with the construction and renovation of banking and administrative buildings as well as single and multi-family houses. In addition to the conversion of estates in the environs of Geneva and the adjacent French department of Haute-Savoie, the two architects also designed factory buildings, especially during the years of the First World War.

In 1907, Maurice Turrettini participated in the discussion on location for the 400th birthday of John Calvin in Geneva planned Reformation monument. In 1911 he joined the Swiss Engineering and Architects Association. Turrettini was also a member of the comité permanent international des architectes and corresponding member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

In the sporting field Turrettini was successful as a ten-time winner of the Swiss Tennis Championships.

He died at the age of 54 on October 25, 1932 at his castle in Boisy.


Archive statistics 1898 - 1919

Tournament wins 1919 - Swiss National Championships (Open)
1918 - Geneva Spring Tournament (Amateur)
1917 - Swiss National Championships (Open)
1916 - Swiss National Championships (Open)
1916 - Geneva Spring Tournament (Amateur)
1914 - Swiss National Championships (Open)

Tournaments Swiss National Championships - 1919 Lac Léman Championships (Grand Hôtel) - 1919 Swiss International Championships - 1918 Geneva Spring Tournament - 1918 Swiss National Championships - 1917 Swiss National Championships - 1916 Geneva Spring Tournament - 1916 Geneva Covered Courts - 1915 Swiss National Championships - 1914 Geneva International Championship - 1912 Geneva Spring Tournament - 1910 Geneva International Championship - 1908 Les Avants - 1908 Geneva Cup - 1908 Les Avants - 1906 South of France Championships - 1905 Les Avants - 1905 French Covered Court Championships - 1904 Les Avants - 1903 Swiss International Championships - 1898 Swiss National Championships - 1898

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