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A native of Osaka, Kashio graduated from Tokyo Higher Commercial School (now Hitotsubashi University), and was subsequently employed by the trading company Mitsui & Co. and stationed at that company?s New York City branch office. He competed in the 1918 US Open, finishing in the third round. He also participated in the 1919 US Open, finishing in the second round.

At the 1920 Summer Olympics held in Antwerp, Belgium, Kashio was defeated in the third round of the singles competition. However, paired with Ichiya Kumagae, he won the silver medal in the men's doubles event. In the doubles final, Kashio and Kumagae lost to Oswald Turnbull and Max Woosnam of Great Britain: 2?6, 7?5, 5?7, and 5?7.

Kashio was a member of the first Japan Davis Cup team, which finished as runner-up in the 1921 International Lawn Tennis Challenge.[1] He subsequently partnered with Zenzo Shimizu in the 1923 Davis Cup, reaching the semi-finals. He appears to have retired from competition soon thereafter, and little is known of his subsequent career.


Archive statistics 1917 - 1926

Tournament wins 1922 - Terrace-Kings Country Club Invitation (Amateur)
1919 - Canadian International Championships ()

Tournaments Lyon Covered Court Championships - 1926 Lyon Covered Court Championships - 1925 Terrace-Kings Country Club Invitation - 1924 New Jersey State Championships - 1922 Terrace-Kings Country Club Invitation - 1922 US Open - 1921 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1920 Florida State Championship - 1920 US Open - 1919 Canadian International Championships - 1919 Amackassin Club Invitation - 1919 US Open - 1918 Ontario Championships - 1918 US Open - 1917

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