General Arthur Gideon Hugh
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Mitiamo, Victoria, Australia


From The Yass Tribune Courier (New South Wales), 5 May 1934

Obituary – Dr Alfred Colquhoun

The news of the death of Arthur Gideon Hugh Colquhoun, which took place on 19 April at Mitiamo, Victoria, was received with keen regret by his Yass friends. The deceased was about 71 years of age, and is survived by his widow, who is residing in Melbourne. The doctor had no children. A graduate of Melbourne University, he took his M.B.B.S. degree in 1888 and M.D. in 1898.

The late Dr Colquhoun was a resident of Yass for some fourteen years and he made an army of friends throughout the town and district. He left Yass in August 1927 and since then had resided in Victoria. A man who had seen the world and mixed with his fellow men, he was interesting to meet and know. Although the years have passed since he left Yass, the memory of him is as keen as ever in the minds of those who knew and mourn him. He was a fine type of citizen and one who ever took a keen interest in local affairs, although he was a busy professional man. His departure was a distinct loss to the town.

The late Dr Colquhoun was a man of high ideals, and one not afraid to speak strongly in support of them. It came as a great shock to the residents of the district when it was known that he had decided to leave Yass, on account of his health. He was such a prominent citizen that he had come to be regarded as almost an institution, and it was never anticipated he would leave the district. As the doctor said at his farewell, he had hoped to live in Yass for the rest of his life. “He had spent the happiest years of his life in Yass and it was a great grief to leave, but he could not stand up to the work.”

Dr Colquhoun took a particularly keen interest in the District Hospital, and was responsible to a large extent for its progress. To the hospital he devoted years of voluntary service. At his public farewell from Yass the then mayor, Alderman Duffy, said he and the late Dr English “had set a standard that, perhaps, the younger doctors might find it hard to live up to.”

Dr Colquhoun was a keen sportsman and a strong supporter of the Yass Picnic Race Club, of which he was a very popular president. He was also a strong supporter of the Soldiers’ Club, and was given a great reception on the night of his farewell. The doctor spent his last evening in Yass at the club, and there was never a more genuine farewell for the doctor was regarded as one of the mainstays of the club. It is melancholy now to recall the closing words of his response to a presentation made to him: “As long as I live, God knows, it might be long, it might be short, but I will always have the pleasantest recollections of my association to this club.”

The years that have passed since then have seen the passing of some of the doctor’s closest friends, especially the late Mr J.D. Hill and Mr D’Arcy Bucknell, but hundreds of friends, old and young, still remain and will always retain the kindliest of memories of the late Dr Arthur Colquhoun.


Archive statistics 1887 - 1910

Tournament wins 1889 - New South Wales Championships (Amateur)
1889 - Buckley Trophy (Amateur)
1888 - Victorian Championships (Amateur)
1887 - Victorian Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Dieppe - 1910 Ilkley - 1909 Geelong Easter Tournament - 1891 New South Wales Championships - 1889 Buckley Trophy - 1889 Victorian Championships - 1888 New South Wales Championships - 1888 Geelong Easter Handicap Tournament - 1888 Victorian Championships - 1887

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