General Dr Francis (Frank)
Dublin, Ireland
Cobh, County Cork, Ireland


From The Irish Times, 28 February 1951:

Obituary – Dr Frank Crosbie

Dr Frank Crosbie, whose death has taken place at Merville, Cobh, County Cork, at the age of 61, was a member of a well-known Kerry family, being a son of Mr Frank Crosbie, of the Irish Land Commission, and grandson of Mr Thomas Crosbie, Ballyheigue.

After graduating at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1909, he got the M.B. degree in 1910., B.Ch. in 1911, and M.D. in 1912. He held numerous appointments in England and Ireland, and was attached to the National Hospital for Consumption for Ireland, Newcastle, County Wicklow.

It was as a sportsman that Dr Crosbie was best known. He played rugby for Dublin Wanderers, but he was more successful at lawn tennis and badminton, at both of which he represented his country. He played in the Open Championship at Wimbledon from 1922 to 1937. Between 1911 and 1938, he won the limerick Count Championship six times and Midland Counties Championship ten times. He won the Irish Closed Championship in 1926.


Archive statistics 1909 - 1930

Tournament wins 1926 - Irish National Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Wimbledon - 1930 Wimbledon - 1928 Wimbledon - 1927 Middlesex Championships - 1927 Wimbledon - 1926 Irish Championships - 1926 Wimbledon - 1924 Wimbledon - 1923 Irish Championships - 1923 Irish Championships - 1913 Irish Championships - 1912 Irish Championships - 1911 East of Ireland Championships - 1911 County Wicklow Championships - 1911 Irish Championships - 1910 Irish Championships - 1909

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