General Baron Dr Henry H.
Von Kohorn
United States of America
, Scotland
Vero Beach, Florida, United States of America


Henry\'s father, Oskar, was a native of Karlsbad, Bohemia. His mother, Valeire (Wirth), was a native of Vienna.

From \"VON KOHORN--Henry, Ph.D., a businessman, inventor, and ranked tennis player, passed away on December 24th in Vero Beach, Fl at the age of 93. He died peacefully at home, said his wife, Marcy von Kohorn. Dr. von Kohorn was president of von Kohorn International Corporation which built synthetic fibre plants in over 30 foreign countries. Subsequently, Dr. von Kohorn was a management consultant. A prolific inventor, Dr. von Kohorn, received over 60 patents in rayon production, metallurgy, and the interactive use of the internet. His most recent patent was issued when Dr. von Kohorn was 88 years of age.\"


Archive statistics 1939 - 1959

Tournaments New Jersey State Championships - 1959 US International Indoor Championships - 1950 Eastern Grass Court Championships - 1949 US International Indoor Championships - 1949 US International Indoor Championships - 1948 US International Indoor Championships - 1939

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