General Herman Francis
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Merton, London, England


He was an English tennis administrator, and former player, noted as a chairman of the All England Club. He served as a Davis Cup team representative in 1932 and was a non-playing captain from 1953 until 1958 (he succeeded Dr. Gregory in that position).
Herman F. David has been appointed Chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in succession to the late Dr. J.C. Gregory who died suddenly in January of 1959. As All England Club chairman Mr. David will occupy the key position in the administration of the Wimbledon Championships which the club runs jointly with the Lawn Tennis Association.
As an administrator David advocated "open tennis" and played a pivotal role in making it a reality by announcing the first open edition of the Wimbledon Championships in 1968. In 1998, the International Tennis Hall of Fame inducted him as a contributor.

"A pioneer of “Open Tennis,” David was a determined advocate of that concept during his long tenure as chairman of the All England club. After holding the first professional tournament at Wimbledon in August 1967, he and his committee made a bold move by proclaiming that all sanctioned tennis tournaments in Great Britain would be open to all players, and there would be no need for a distinction between amateur and professional. This December 1967 declaration was a crucial step on the way to the start of the Open Era in 1968, beginning with the Hard Court Championships of Great Britain in April. The French Open was the first of the major events to allow amateurs and professionals to compete together, and Wimbledon was next, thanks largely to the efforts of David." - Source: ITHF website


Archive statistics 1923 - 1947

Tournament wins 1935 - Highbury (Amateur)
1933 - Surrey Championships (Amateur)
1931 - Hampstead Hard Courts (Amateur)

Tournaments Wimbledon - 1947 Wimbledon Plate (Consolation) - 1947 Wimbledon - 1946 Wimbledon Plate (Consolation) - 1946 Wimbledon - 1939 Wimbledon - 1938 Wimbledon - 1937 Wimbledon - 1936 Wimbledon - 1935 Highbury - 1935 Wimbledon - 1934 Wimbledon - 1933 Wimbledon - 1932 Roland Garros - 1932 British Hard Court Championships - 1932 Wimbledon - 1931 British Hard Court Championships - 1931 German International Championships - 1931 Kent Championships - 1931 Midland Counties Championships - 1931 England vs. Ireland Team Match - 1931 Hampstead Hard Courts - 1931 Wimbledon - 1930 German International Championships - 1930 Tally Ho! - 1930 Wimbledon - 1929 German International Championships - 1929 Wimbledon - 1928 Monte Carlo - 1927 Nice - 1927 Nice - 1923

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