General Frederik Karel Jacob
Beukema toe Water
Tokyo, Japan
Den Haag, Netherlands


Frederik Beukema toe Water was the brother of fellow lawn tennis player Karel Beukema toe Water. They were two of the children of Tjarko Wiebenga Beukema, a medical doctor, and Isabella Charlotte Beukema (née toe Water). The latter’s maiden name was added to the family name in 1896.

Frederik Beukema toe Water was a civil engineer by profession. He married fellow lawn tennis player Adriana Theodora van Aken, popularly known as ‘Zus’. They had three children together, one daughter and two sons. The family lived in Indonesia for several years.

One of the sons of Frederik and Adriana Beukema toe Water was Karel Willem Adriaan Beukema toe Water, who for a time worked as a chemical engineer for Shell.

The following piece was translated from the Dutch Wikipedia entry on Karel Willem Beukema toe Water, which can be accessed here:

During the Second World War, Karel Beukema toe Water was a reserve first lieutenant of the Weapons of Artillery, seconded to the Special Assignments Bureau. He was a victim of the ‘Englandspiel’. In the night of 24 to 25 September 1942, he was dropped near Rijssen in Overijssel in the Netherlands, but was immediately arrested. He had been due to replace George Jambroes, who was also arrested on landing.

Cees Droogleever Fortuyn, who would become Beukema’s wireless operator, was parachuted that same night near Balloo in the Netherlands, and also immediately arrested. In early September 1944, all three men were executed by firing squad in Mathhausen concentration camp in Upper Austria.

Karel Beukema toe Water’s code names included Valk, Kees, Hendrik, Frederik Kuipers and P. Adams. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Cross in 1953.


Archive statistics 1894 - 1899

Tournaments Netherlands International Championships - 1899 Netherlands National Championship - 1899 Spa - 1898 Den Haag - 1895 Den Haag - 1894

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