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Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
At Sea, -


From The Argus, 20 April 1911


Sudden death at sea – Mr Alexander F. Chomley

General regret was felt yesterday at the news of the sudden death of Mr Alexander F. Chomley, chief surveyor to the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works.

Mr Chomley was returning from Tasmania in the S.S. Loongana, which left Launceston on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after dinner he was sitting on deck with Mr Harold A. Templeton, with whom he had visited Launceston for the Easter holidays. They had been chatting together, and Mr Templeton turned to speak to another passenger. He had hardly done so when Mr Chomley fell forward from his seat to the deck. Dr Maddox, who was close by, was at his side within half a minute, but Mr Chomley was past all human aid, and death was practically instantaneous.

Mr Chomley had been under the care of Dr R.R. Stawell for some time, and it was known to his intimate friends that his heart was not quite sound. He was, however, in his ordinary health, and just prior to catching the Loongana had tied for the golf competition on the Launceston links.

Mr Chomley was very popular amongst his fellow officers in the Board of Works, and the shock they sustained on hearing the sad news may be imagined. Mr Chomley, who was the eldest son of the late Hussey Malone Chomley, chief commissioner of police, entered the Geelong Grammar School on February 10, 1880. He was an enthusiastic Old Grammarian, and took special pride in the doings of his eldest son, Rupert, who steered the Geelong crews in the head of the river races in 1909 and 1910.

He was one of the best-known men in the lawn tennis world. As a player he represented Victoria against New South Wales six times between 1888 and 1896. He won the doubles championship of Victoria with Mr Ernest Raleigh in 1887, and the mixed doubles championship with Miss Edith Raleigh in 1890. He also won the Buckley Cup with Mr Wilberforce V. Eaves as his partner in 1891, and with his brother, Mr Arthur A. Chomley, in 1894. He was a prominent member of the Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria, and was the first president of the Australasian Lawn Tennis Council.

When the Davis Cup competition between Australasia and America took place in 1908, Mr Chomley was chosen by both sides as referee, and gave universal satisfaction. He was for many years the mainstay of the South Yarra Tennis Club, and in this as in all other matters he undertook, his thoroughness and courteous manner made him a universal favourite. Of late he went in for golf, and became more than an average player, and was a well-known figure on the Sandringham links.


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