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From Sport-Tagblatt (Vienna), 18 October 1937


Dr Artur Zborzil dead

On the night of Saturday, 15 September, Dr Artur Zborzil died after a long, serious illness. With his death, one of the most accomplished of Viennese sportsmen has passed away. He was an all-round sportsman and achieved his greatest success at lawn tennis, field hockey and ice skating.

As a lawn tennis player he was among Austria’s best and represented his country several times internationally. He also won the men’s singles title at the Austrian National Championships 1921, and maintained top form until an age when most other players have already hung up their rackets. At the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912, he and Felix Pipes won the silver medal in the men’s doubles event.

As a field hockey player, Dr Artur Zborzil successfully represented the Vienna Athletic Sports Club team, contributing to its success in several championships. He was also active for the club at the administrative level. As an ice skater, he excelled in his specialty of ice dancing and won a large number of awards in dance competitions.

Dr Artur Zborzil was also a long-time member of the board of the Austrian Lawn Tennis Association. Athletes in Austria, especially his fellow sportsmen in Vienna, will always honour his memory. He was only 51 years of age at the time of his death.


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