General Sir Andrew Denys
Margaret Harborough, Leicestershire, England
Brentwood, Essex, England


Andrew Denys Stocks married fellow lawn tennis player Margaret McKane on 29 June 1922 in Kensington, London. She was the sister of Kathleen McKane, Wimbledon singles champion in 1924 and 1926, who herself married another lawn tennis player, Leslie Godfree, in 1926.

From The Times, 28 April 1961

Obituary – Sir Denys Stocks – Solicitor to the Ministry of Agriculture

Sir Denys Stocks, C.B., O.B.E., a well-known figure at the Ministry of Agriculture for close on 30 years, first as assistant (1920-25) and later as senior legal adviser and solicitor (1925-49), died yesterday at the age of 76. In this capacity he acted also for the Commissioners of Crown Lands, for the Tithe Redemption Commission, and for the Forestry Commission.

Andrew Denys Stocks was born in 1884, the seventh son of the late John Edward Stocks, D.D., Archdeacon of Leicester and Canon of Peterborough, and was educated at Loretto. He came of a great hockey-playing family, at one time said to be capable of putting a whole team in the field of county standard. He himself played for England from 1908 to 1921, was a past president of the Hockey Association and chairman of the International Hockey Board.

In 1910, he joined the staff of the solicitor to the Board of Customs and Excise, passing to the Treasury Solicitor’s office in 1914, where he remained until he went to the Ministry of Agriculture. Stocks’s outstanding characteristic was his determination to bring common sense, and if at all possible, humour, to the solution of legal arguments. He desired always to be fair and reasonable but was outspoken in his condemnation of any attempt at deceit or evasion.

He married in 1922 Margaret, elder daughter of the late John McKane, and they had two sons, Geoffrey and Richard, and one daughter, Rosalind.


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