General Hugh Devereux
United States of America
Dorchester, Mass., United States of America
Rye, Westchester County, New York, United States of America


After leaving college in 1897 I was in the banking business
with W. 0. Gay and Company, note brokers, for five years, in
their Boston office, and for five years more in their New
York office. I am now in charge of the securities department
of the Development and Funding Company, New York, an
engineering and financing concern. I married Ethel Dean,
daughter of Benjamin Chase and Emily Evans Dean of Brook-
line, in 1902, and have two children, Ruth, born on December
26, 1906, and James Oliphant, born on September 6, 1908. I
am a member of the Harvard Club of New York, and the Apa- .
wamis Club of Rye. Since writing the above, I have become
associated with Messrs. Curtis and Sanger, stock and note
brokers, in their New York office.


Born Dorchester, Mass., April 18, 1877.

Parents Winslow Lewis Montgomery, Elizabeth White

School Boston Latin School, Boston, Mass.

Years in College 1895-1896.

Married Ethel Dean, Brookline, Mass., April 24, 1902.

Children Ruth, Dec. 26, 1906; James Oliphant, Sept. 6, 1908.

Business Note Broker.

Address (home) Rye, N. Y.

(business) 49 Wall St., New York, N. Y.


Archive statistics 1907 - 1909

Tournaments US International Indoor Championships - 1909 Bronx County Championships - 1909 New York Metropolitan Championships - 1908 New York Lawn Tennis Club Amateur Tournament - 1908 Longwood Bowl - 1907 Middle States Championships - 1907 New England Championships - 1907 US International Indoor Championships - 1907

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