General Alfred Harold
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


From The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 19 July 1949

Man killed by lorry on path

A lorry loaded with eight tons of gravel killed a man and seriously injured a woman yesterday when it mounted a footpath in Victoria Road, West Ryde. The dead man was Alfred Harold Huntley, 79, of Bencoolen Avenue, West Ryde, a former Registrar in Bankruptcy. The injured woman, Mrs Eva Weasch, 42, of James Street, West Ryde, had one of her two children, Sandra, aged four, with her. The child escaped.

The lorry overturned but the driver and a passenger escaped injury. Central District Ambulance took Mrs Weasch to Ryde Hospital. She had two broken ribs, one of which pierced a lung, a fractured left arm and severe shock. Police charged the truck driver with the manslaughter of Huntley, having driven under the influence of liquor, negligent driving and having caused grievous bodily harm to Mrs Weasch.


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