General Alfred Jean
Assat, Pyrenées-Atlantique, France
Tigeaux, Île-de-France, France


Alfred Estrabeau started out playing jeu de paume, but then turned to lawn tennis; at the latter sport he was coached by the renowned professional Martin Plaa. Financial circumstances meant that Alfred Estrabeau did not remain an amateur lawn tennis player for very long. Instead he himself became a coach of several players, including the legendary French Four Musketeers (Borotra, Brugnon, Cochet and Lacoste) and of the Davis Cup teams of several countries, including Belgium, India, Poland and Spain. Alfred Estrabeau was known as a great analyst of the sport and an astute student of its technical side. In later life he had two covered tennis courts built on his property in Tigeaux, outside Paris. This ensured that he could continue to teach his passion, even during winter, and he did indeed continue to instruct successive generations of players until the early 1990s.


Archive statistics 1928 - 1948

Tournament wins 1938 - Deauville Professional Championships (Professional)

Tournaments Slazenger Professional - 1948 Deauville Professional Championships - 1939 Deauville Professional Championships - 1938 Southport Professional Tournament - 1937 French Professional Championship - 1937 Universal Exposition Pro Championships - 1937 Southport Professional Tournament - 1936 French Professional Championship - 1935 Le Touquet Pro Tournament - 1935 Strasbourg Pro - 1935 French Professional Championship - 1934 French Professional Championship - 1932 French Professional Championship - 1931 Bristol Cup - 1931 French Professional Championship - 1930 Bristol Cup - 1929 La Baule Professionals - 1928

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