General Jarl Sune
Malmstrom (Malmström)
Malmö, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden


a Swedish male tennis player who represented Sweden in the Davis Cup and the Olympic Games. He competed in the singles, doubles and mixed doubles events at the 1920 Summer Olympics. In the singles event he reached the quarterfinal after a bye in the first round and wins against Ladislav ?emla and Charles Simon. In the quarterfinal he was defeated by South African Louis Raymond. With compatriot Erik von Braun he lost in the first round of the doubles event against Jean Washer and Albert Lammens. In the mixed doubles event he teamed up with Lily Strömberg and after byes in the first and second round they lost the quarterfinal match against the Danish team Amory Hansen and Erik Tegner in three sets.[2]

Malmström participated in the 1920 Wimbledon Championships, playing in the singles and doubles events. In the singles he made it to the second round after a victory in the first round against Beverley Covell. In the second round he lost in straight sets to Augustus Zerlendi. With countryman Carl-Erik von Braun he reached the third round of the doubles event in which Algernon Kingscote and Cecil Parke proved too strong.[3]


Archive statistics 1920 - 1937

Tournament wins 1929 - Bastad (Open)
1929 - Swedish National Covered Courts Championships (Amateur)
1929 - Swedish National Championships (Open)
1928 - Bastad (Open)
1928 - Swedish National Covered Courts Championships (Amateur)
1927 - Bastad (Open)
1924 - Bastad (Open)
1924 - Swedish National Championships (Open)
1919 - Swedish National Championships (Open)

Tournaments Cannes Championships - 1937 Nice - 1937 Merano - 1935 Swedish International Covered Courts Championships - 1930 Cannes Championships - 1924 Côte d'Azur Championships - 1924 Cannes Championships - 1923 Cannes Métropole - 1923 World Hardcourt Championships - 1923 Swiss International Championships - 1922 Paris International Championships - 1922 Coupe Albert Canet - 1922 La Varenne - 1922 Wimbledon - 1920 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1920 World Covered Court Championships - 1920 British Covered Court Championships - 1920 Middlesex Championships - 1920 Hendon Spring - 1920

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