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Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland


Maurice Ferrier was the son of Henry Jacques Ferrier (1862-1921), a businessman and banker, and native of Geneva, and Beryl Ferrier (née Annesley; 1878-1953), who was originally from Bath in England. On 14 October 1927, Maurice Ferrier married Gertrude Frederica Annunciata Fischer von Zickartsburg (1901-93), who was originally from Austria.

From the Journal de Genève, 11 September 1973:

By “H.V.”

We have learned of the death, in a clinic in our city, after a long illness, of Maurice Ferrier who for half a century was one of the associates and managers of the bank Ferrier, Lullin & Cie, one of the most important banking establishments in Geneva. Maurice Ferrier was born in November 1901, in Geneva, the son of Henri Ferrier, a banker, and Miss Beryl Annesley, his wife.

Not long after finishing his studies at the Collège de Genève, with a certificate of maturity/certificate de maturité, Maurice Ferrier had the misfortune to lose his father. He therefore immediately entered the family business, founded in 1795, as a representative of the fifth generation of Ferriers. Having been an authorised representative of the bank for only a short period of time, he became an associate in 1922 at the very young age of 21. He remained so until 31 December 1971, when he retired.

Maurice Ferrier played an important role in the world of business and finance because he had a hand in running several companies. For many years he was head of the Stock Exchange in Geneva. He was also appointed head of the Association of Swiss Stock Exchanges. A staunch and active patriot, he was a faithful member of the Liberal Party. In the army he attained the rank of first lieutenant in the artillery.

Maurice Ferrier was also a great sportsman. Several times in the years just after World War One he was Swiss tennis champion in men’s doubles. He was also a member of the Golf Club of Geneva, whose president he had the honour of being for ten years. He had also been a member of the Swiss national golf team several times. Maurice Ferrier was also an excellent horseman though he did not take part in horse-riding competitions. The Journal de Genève would like to express its sincere condolences to the family of Maurice Ferrier.


Archive statistics 1920 - 1931

Tournament wins 1931 - Westende Tournament (Amateur)
1929 - Swiss National Championships (Open)
1921 - Swiss International Championships (Amateur)
1921 - Swiss National Championships (Open)
1920 - Geneva Covered Courts (Amateur)

Tournaments Geneva International Championship - 1931 Westende Tournament - 1931 Geneva Cup - 1931 Wimbledon - 1930 Swiss National Championships - 1930 Austrian International Championships - 1929 German International Championships - 1929 Swiss National Championships - 1929 Long Island Championships - 1926 Wimbledon - 1925 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1924 Cannes Championships - 1923 World Hardcourt Championships - 1922 Lausanne Autumn Meeting - 1922 Cannes Championships - 1921 Côte d'Azur Championships - 1921 South of France Championships - 1921 Swiss National Championships - 1921 Geneva Covered Courts - 1920

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