General Charles Adolph
United States of America
San Jose, Calif., United States of America
Shoreditch, Greater London, England


Charles Voigt was born in San José, California but spent much of his time in Europe, based at times in Berlin and Rotterdam. He was responsible for organizing the major international tennis tournament in Hamburg each year and was also a member of the “German Committee to Participate at the First Olympic Games 1896 at Athens.” He was considered an enthusiastic devotee of the game and seemed more cosmopolitan than American.

Voight has a minor connection to the origins of the Davis Cup. He saw a young man at the 1896 tournament in Niagara-on-the-Lake. When he asked who it was, Voigt was told that he was the young millionaire, Dwight Davis, of St Louis. Voigt then suggested, in passing, that if he was a young tennis millionaire, he should do something for the game, and perhaps put up a large prize, or cup. Voigt also entered the 1900 Olympic golf tournament but did not start.

Voigt was still a US national in 1900 but played out of two European clubs – the Tennis Club de Puteaux in France and the Royal Homburger Golfclub 1899 in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany.


Archive statistics 1895 - 1905

Tournaments Racing Club de France Tournament - 1905 Luzern - 1904 Luzern - 1903 Paris International Championships - 1902 Paris International Championships - 1901 French Covered Court Championships - 1901 European Championship - 1901 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1900 European Championship - 1900 Belgian International Championships - 1900 European Championship - 1899 Heiligendammer Cup - 1899 Homburg Cup - 1896 Buffalo - 1896 Tuxedo Tournament - 1896 Championships of Hamburg - 1895

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