General Franklin West (Frank)
United States of America
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America
Lakeland, Polk County, Florida, United States of America


Franklin West Bertram, 80, of Lakeland, FL passed away on April 4, 2022. He and his wife, Nancy celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on August 25th of last year. Born March 26, 1942, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Frank was the only child of the late Franklin and Margaret (West) Bertram. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, TX, and received his bachelor's degree in biology from Rice University, Class of 1964. Frank then graduated from Stanford Medical School in 1969 and went on to become an orthopedic surgeon in Lakeland, FL, where he practiced for 30 years. Beginning in 1997, Frank served as a medical missionary in diverse locales such as Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Iraq. In retirement he devoted himself fully to this work, spending up to half of every year volunteering abroad as a surgeon with CURE International. He also served on the board of the Medical Benevolence Foundation. Frank was an avid golfer and a devoted supporter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Duke basketball. Above all, he cherished his family and loved spending time with his wife, daughters, and grandchildren. In addition to his wife Nancy, he is survived by two children and three grandchildren.


Archive statistics 1959 - 1964

Tournaments River Oaks Tournament - 1964 River Oaks - Qualifying - 1964 River Oaks - Qualifying - 1963 River Oaks Tournament - 1962 Houston Fall Festival - 1962 Bluebonnet Invitation - 1962 River Oaks Tournament - 1961 Southern Championships - 1960 Tennessee Valley Invitation - 1960 Cincinnati - 1960 Texas Sectional Championships - 1960 Dixieland - 1960 Dixieland - 1959

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