General George Milmine
United States of America
Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, United States of America
New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America


GEORGE MILMINE BODMAN, B A 1905 Born June 8, 1883, Toledo, Ohio, died May 6, 1950, New York City. Father, Edward Cushman Bodman, gram exporter Milmihe, Bodman & Company, New York City, son of Luther and Philena (Hawlcs) Bodman. Mother, Ida Maria (Berdan) Bodman, daughter of Peter Frederick and Maria (Waite) Berdan. Yale relatives include Henry M Waite (B A 1809)(great grandfather), Richard E Selden (B A 1818), James Berdan (B A 1824)(great-great uncles), Morrison R Waite (B A 1837), George C Waite (BA 1840), Richard Waite (BA 1853) (great uncles), Edward T Waite (B A 1869), John M. Berdan, '96 (uncles), Jean M Berdan (MS 1943, PhD 1949)(cousin).
The Hill School President Freshman Baseball Association, University Tennis Team, Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, Psi Upsilon With Cyrus J Lawrence & Sons, brokers, New York City, 1905-50 (senior partner 1911-50), treasurer Madison Square Boys' Club, head intelligence service, War Trade Board, New York City, World War I, with U S Treasury Department 1942, American Red Cross Commissioner in charge clubs in British Isles 1942-44, member Association of Ex-members of Squadron A, Newcomen Society of England, and Church of the Holy Trinity (Episcopal), New York City.
Married November 2, 1918, Rumson, NJ , Louise, daughter of Edward Arthur Stanley and Louisa Hall (Ward) Clarke.
Death due to pneumonia.


Enlisted, April 26, 1907, in Troop 4, Squadron A, NYNG, New York City. Troop 4 was reorganized January 18, 1912, into Troop G, 1st Cavalry, NYNG. he was discharged, August 22, 1912.

He served in Squadron A with his brother Herbert L. Bodman

He enlisted, March 14, 1916, in Depot Troop, Squadron A, NYG, when Squadron A was ordered to the Mexican border. He continued his service in the Depot Squadron during World War 1 and commissioned 1st Lieutenant, Cavalry, February 3, 1919. He was discharged November 15, 1919.


NY Times, May 7, 1970, death notice


Archive statistics 1905 - 1908

Tournaments New York Metropolitan Championships - 1908 New York Lawn Tennis Club Amateur Tournament - 1907 New Jersey State Championships - 1906 New York Metropolitan Championships - 1906 Swiss International Championships - 1905 European Championship - 1905 Homburg - 1905 Luzern - 1905

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