General Peter
Fährmann (Fahrmann)
German Democratic Republik
Borna, Sachsen, Germany


The following piece was translated and slightly adapted from the Wikipedia entry in German on Peter Fährmann, which can be accessed here:

Along with Horst Stahlberg, Werner Rautenberg and Konrad Zanger, Peter Fährmann was one of the best tennis players in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the 1950s and 1960s. In the GDR and in the reunified Germany, Fährmann won 60 national championships. Those successes are a testament to his endurance.

From 1953 to 1955, Fährmann had the edge over his competitors at the indoor junior championships in the GDR. The left-hander was always an unpleasant opponent, especially for his doubles partner Werner Rautenberg. This meant that these two often fought for second place in the singles rankings in the GDR.

In doubles, Fährmann and Rautenberg harmonized very well and won the men’s doubles titles seven times outdoors at the East German Tennis Championships. They also showed their prowess on the international stage at the Romanian Championships, where they defeated the pairings of Günther Bosch and Alexandru Bardan in 1961, and one year even defeated Ion Țiriac and Ilie Năstase in the semi-finals.

Fährmann also became a feared opponent for the top Czechoslovakian player Pavel Korda. In 1961 and 1962, Korda had no chance against the public’s favourite in Zinnowitz. The one-sided 6-2, 6-0 and 6-1 victory in their first encounter must have been an outstanding performance by Fährmann because Korda had beaten Christian Kuhnke and Wimbledon semi-finalist Michael Sangster earlier in the same season.

As well as taking part in the international tournaments in Egypt on several occasions, Fährmann’s biggest trip abroad was to the Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO) in Jakarta in 1963. In the men’s doubles event Fährmann and his Yugoslavian partner Nikola Spear made it to the second round, where they lost 6-3, 6-3 to the eventual winners, the Soviets Toomas Leius and Sergei Likhachev.

In 1965, when Fährmann accepted the post of coach at the Ernst Thälmann heavy engineering works in Magdeburg, a golden age began for the Motor Mitte Club in that particular city. In the following years, and up to the end of the GDR, Motor Mitte Magdeburg won the team championship cup seven times. Fährmann remained head coach at Motor Mitte Magdeburg until 1990.

Spared serious injury, Peter Fährmann was involved with the senior tennis teams in Duisburg and Karlsruhe after reunification. With the Hamborn 07 sports club in Duisburg he managed to win seven European Championships.


Archive statistics 1955 - 1972

Tournament wins 1966 - East German National Indoors (Amateur)
1965 - East German Championships (Amateur)
1961 - Einbeck (Amateur)
1960 - Championships of Halle an der Saale (Amateur)

Tournaments Zinnowitz - 1972 Zinnowitz - 1971 Zinnowitz - 1970 East German Championships - 1969 Zinnowitz - 1969 Zinnowitz - 1968 East German Championships - 1967 Zinnowitz - 1967 East German National Indoors - 1966 Zinnowitz - 1966 East German Championships - 1965 Zinnowitz - 1965 East German Championships - 1964 Championships of Halle an der Saale - 1964 Zinnowitz - 1964 Zinnowitz - 1963 International Championships of Egypt - Cairo - 1962 International Championships of Egypt-Alexandria - 1962 East German Championships - 1962 Zinnowitz - 1962 Championships of Berlin - 1961 Polish International Championships - 1961 Moskwa International - 1961 Bielefeld - 1961 East German National Indoors - 1961 Einbeck - 1961 Zinnowitz - 1961 Championships of Berlin - 1960 Czechoslovakian International Championships - 1960 Wiesbaden Championships - 1960 East German Championships - 1960 Moskwa International - 1960 Championships of Freiburg - 1960 Heilbronn - 1960 Championships of Halle an der Saale - 1960 Zinnowitz - 1960 Championships of Berlin - 1959 Championships of Freiburg - 1959 Championships of Halle an der Saale - 1959 Zinnowitz - 1959 Championships of Berlin - 1958 East German Championships - 1958 Zinnowitz - 1958 Championships of Berlin - 1957 Lower Saxony International - 1957 Championships of Freiburg - 1957 Kassel - 1957 Zinnowitz - 1957 Blau-Weiss Club - 1956 Grunewald - 1956 Zinnowitz - 1955

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