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Tallinn, Estonia


A tennis player, judge and sportsman. Graduated from Tallinn 2nd month in 1963 and TPI in 1968 in the field of construction economics and organization. He started tennis training in 1956 in Kalev under the supervision of Harry Kalamäe. Won bronze in the men's doubles in 1961 at the NL junior and 1968 at the NL. NL won three gold (1961, 1963, 1965) and 1 (1969) bronze winners at mv. Competed in the NL youth team in the final of the Galea cartoon tournament. He was one of the top ten tennis players in 1965 NL, the top ten Estonian tennis players remained for 10 years. Won a total of 10 medals at Estonian national championships, including becoming the Estonian champion in 1969 singles, 1970 and 1971 men's doubles and 1972 mixed doubles. Msp (1962). Served as a tennis judge from 1973 to 1999, in the upper cat (1975) and Rhv Tennisföd's White Badge (1991). Has led matches in many national tournaments, including Wimbledon (1990-93). Former chairman of the Kalev Tennis Club (1976–80) and a member of the board of the Tennis Association. Honorary member of the Tennis Association (1995) and Kalev (2001). Worked in 1980–84 as the head of Jõgeva KEK, in 1993–95 as a member of the board of Põhja-Eesti Pank and in 2002–08 as the head of the TVMK football team. He has been the executive director of the Estonian Football Association's national football in 2009–15, and has been the leader of the Estonian national team in beach football.


Archive statistics 1965 - 1968

Tournament wins 1965 - Zinnowitz (Amateur)

Tournaments Russian Annual - 1968 Moskwa Open - 1967 USSR Nationals - 1966 Zinnowitz - 1965

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