General Steuart Pickering
Dadalla, Ceylon
Bournemouth, Dorset, England


Steuart P. Hayley was the brother of fellow lawn tennis player Alec Hayley. They were two of the eight children – five sons and three daughters – of Charles Pickering Hayley (1848-1934), a businessman originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, and his first wife Gertrude Fanny Hayley (née Lee; 1848-1911), who was born in the port of Galle in British Ceylon.

From The History of Ceylon Tea website:

In 1874 Charles Pickering Hayley joined a firm of shipping agents named Thomson Mitchell & Co. After the company closed three years later due to bad investments, he rented a shop on Pedlar’s Street in Galle Fort [Ceylon] and launched his own business venture, under the name Chas. P. Hayley & Co. (C.P.H. & Co.) on January 10th 1878, exporting local products like cinnamon and citronella oil and importing goods such as claret from Britain. Coir yarn, however, was what he focused on eventually, renting out more property on Pedlar’s Street where he soon had a thriving business going.
Charles married Gertrude, the daughter of George Lee, in 1874. She was a superintendent of the Government Press and briefly edited a newspaper called the Ceylon Chronicle in the 1830s while serving as the Postmaster General. The couple had six [eight] children. Charles practically ran the growing firm singlehandedly for fifteen years, until his son Alec joined him in 1893. His other son, Steuart, joined them eight years later.


Archive statistics 1905 - 1914

Tournament wins 1911 - Ceylon Championships (Amateur)
1910 - Ceylon Championships (Amateur)
1909 - Ceylon Championships (Amateur)
1906 - Ceylon Championships (Amateur)
1905 - Ceylon Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Ceylon Championships - 1914 Ceylon Championships - 1912 Ceylon Championships - 1911 Ceylon Championships - 1910 Ceylon Championships - 1909 Ceylon Championships - 1908 Ceylon Championships - 1907 Ceylon Championships - 1906 Warwickshire Championships - 1906 Epsom - 1906 Ceylon Championships - 1905

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