General Francis Louis
United States of America
New York, United States of America
Nice, France


Francis L. Fassitt was an American expatriate based in Continental Europe for much of his adult life. He attended school (college?) in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1875-79. In 1892, he was notably runner-up to Jean Schopfer in the men’s singles event at the second edition of what became the French National Championships.

Francis L. Fassitt appears to have lived permanently in Europe from 1898 onwards; he did not pursue a profession. In later life his mother, Mary Louise Fassitt, (née Mortimer; 1840-1920), settled in Nice on the French Riviera due to health reasons. His father, Dr Louis Fassitt (1826-83), was a native of Philadelphia and a physician by profession.


Archive statistics 1892 - 1900

Tournaments Nice - 1900 South of France Championships - 1900 Swiss International Championships - 1899 South of France Championships - 1899 Château-d'Œx - 1899 Monte Carlo - 1898 Swiss International Championships - 1898 South of France Championships - 1898 Château-d'Œx - 1898 Monte Carlo - 1897 Swiss International Championships - 1897 South of France Championships - 1897 Château-d'Œx - 1897 Château-d'Œx - 1896 French National Championships - 1892

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