General Warren James
New Zealand
Wanganui, New Zealand
Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia


From The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Queensland), 4 July 1938

Dr Warren J. Fearnley – Death at Charters Towers – Great Turf Authority

Townsville, July 3. Dr Warren James Fearnley, North Queensland’s outstanding turf personality, died at his Charters Towers residence tonight as the result of a stroke. As chairman for over 30 years of the executive of the North Queensland Racing Association, the body in principal control of racing in North Queensland, his name was familiar in turf circles throughout the length and breadth of Australia, and it is doubtful if any man in the Commonwealth commanded more respect for his opinion as an authority on the administrative side of racing.

He was a regular attendant at the annual conferences of the principal clubs in Melbourne, and as its ambassador was largely instrumental in having the Northern Association ranked as high as any other unit in organisation that controls horseracing in this country.

Dr Fearnley was one of those men who worked for and was successful in having framed a uniform set of racing rules for the whole of Australia. The world of sport has lost an outstanding figure and the medical fraternity a brilliant member. He had a notable career as a surgeon-doctor whose ability was recognised far and wide. The late Dr Fearnley was 58 years of age. He was a New Zealander by birth but went to Victoria in early years and took his medical degree at the University of Melbourne.

When he went to Charters Towers 33 years ago, Dr Fearnley joined the late Dr Lister in partnership and upon Dr Lister’s death took control of the practice, which he had carried on ever since.


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