General Witold
Krakow, Poland


For two seasons (1967–1968) he was Poland's best junior, but he started to achieve further successes only a decade later, because he practically suspended his senior career for 5 years, focusing on obtaining a higher education. Another thing is that in his time we had a flood of great players - Fibak, Nowicki, Niedźwiedzki, Drzymalski - who are remembered more today. Meanwhile, Meres lost to Fibak only once, and never to Niedźwiedzki.
Six-time Polish champion (once in a single on open courts and once in a team). He made his international debut in his thirties, just before retirement, and smoothly transitioned to coaching others, quickly becoming a DVD captain. Later, among others At the junior age he trained the Russian Nadia Pietrowa, who lived in Poland at that time (Roland Garros U18 won), as well as the national team of wheelchair tennis players.

Clubs: Cracovia (1959–1963), Nadwiślan Kraków.
Coaches: Witold Baran, Tadeusz Kaszyński, Adam Nowak, Zbigniew Bełdowski.

Davis Cup: 1982; 1 meeting, 1 win / 2 defeats - single 1/1, doubles 0/1. Captain (1985–1987); balance sheet: 2/3.

PZT classification: 9th (1968), 6th (1969), 7th (1970), 8th (1975), 5th (1976), 2nd (1978), 10th (1979), 3rd (1982) .
Polish champion titles: 5.
National MP - single: winner (1978); doubles: winner twice (with Henryk Drzymalski 1981 and 1982); mix: winner (with Jolanta Rozala 1980) and finalist (with Rozala 1978).
Halowe MP - single: finalist (1979); doubles: winner (with Henryk Drzymalski 1982) and finalist (with Adam Nowak 1969).


Archive statistics 1969 - 1982

Tournament wins 1978 - Polish National Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Zinnowitz - 1982 Polish Indoor - 1979 Polish National Championships - 1978 Polish National Championships - 1975 Coupe Centropa - under 23's - 1971 Catania - 1970 USSR International Championships - 1970 Coupe de Galea - 1969 International Team Matches - 1969

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