General Leonard
New Zealand
Nelson, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand


From ?The Press?, 21 November 1930: ?Widely known as a business man, a sportsman, and a musician, Mr. Leonard Bonnington who died yesterday morning after a sudden illness, will be mourned by many friends. He was 60 years of age. His brother, Mr. George Bonnington died only two months ago. After spending the weekend at his Ellesmere cottage Mr. Bonnington was taken seriously ill with pneumonic influenza on his return to Christchurch on Monday morning. He died at 2.30 a.m. yesterday. Previously he had been in excellent health and had only recently returned from a trip to Australia.

?Mr. Leonard Bonnington who was born at Nelson in September, 1870, was the third son of the late Mr. George Bonnington, a well-known citizen, who founded a pharmacy first in Nelson and then in Christchurch. While he was still very young the family came to Christchurch, living for many years at Woolston. At the age of 18 Mr. Bonnington entered his father?s business and in 1906, when Mr. George Bonnington died, he was appointed managing director of the firm, a position which he has since held. Bonnington also took his fathers seat on the New Zealand Pharmacy Board, of which he was a member for 21 years.

?He has lived continuously in Christchurch, although two years ago he spent several months in the United States of America and recently spent a few weeks in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Throughout his life Mr. Bonnington was a keen sportsman, rowing, cricket, and golf being his particular interests.

?In his younger days he was prominently associated with the Canterbury Bowing Club. In later years golf was his chief hobby. He joined the Christchurch Golf Club (Shirley) in 1903, and was soon afterwards elected to the committee on which he held office almost continuously for 25 years. For many years he was chairman of the Greens Committee, and on his retirement from this position in 1929 he was elected a life member of the club. Mr. Bonnington was one of the founders, the patron, and an active member of the Ellesmere Golf Club.

?He was a member of the Christchurch Rotary Club almost from its inception, and his services were always most willingly given. As a violin-cellist of considerable accomplishment, he was always keenly interested in music. About 20 years ago he played in the Christchurch Orchestral Society under Mr. Trist Searell.?


Archive statistics 1905 - 1923

Tournament wins 1909 - Canterbury Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments City of Sydney Championships - 1923 Australian Open - 1922 Victorian Championships - 1921 New South Wales Championships - 1921 New Zealand Championships - 1921 City of Sydney Championships - 1921 New South Wales Championships - 1920 Metropolitan Grass Court Championships of Sydney - 1920 New Zealand Championships - 1919 Australian Open - 1915 Queensland Championships - 1915 New South Wales Championships - 1914 City of Sydney Championships - 1914 Metropolitan Grass Court Championships of Sydney - 1914 County of Cumberland - 1914 New South Wales Championships - 1913 City of Sydney Championships - 1913 Metropolitan Grass Court Championships of Sydney - 1913 Wimbledon - 1912 Queens Club Tournament - 1912 Kent Championships - 1912 Le Touquet - 1912 Homburg Cup - 1912 Taranaki Championships - 1911 Wairarapa Tournament - 1911 New Zealand Championships - 1908 Taranaki Championships - 1907 New Zealand Championships - 1906 New Zealand Championships - 1905 Otago Tournament - 1905

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