General Sir Donald
Florence, Toscana, Italy
Eastbourne, Sussex, England


From Wikipedia:

Sir Donald Kingdon was a British judicial officer who served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria from 1929 to 1946. He remains Nigeria’s longest serving Chief Justice. He served under four colonial Governors: Graeme Thomson, Donald Cameron, Bernard Bourdillon and Arthur Richards. He had previously served as the Attorney-General of Nigeria, from 1919 to 1925. He also edited and or composed several authoritative books about West African laws.

Donald Kingdon was the son of Walter Kingdon and Mary Elizabeth Pymar Kingdon (née Billing). Donald Kingdon was educated at Eastbourne College and at Saint John’s College, Cambridge University. Kingdon subsequently worked for the Colonial Service in The Gambia as an Inspector of Schools and Legal Assistant. He was later appointed as a member of that country’s Legislative Council. He was also Attorney-General of Uganda and, in 1918, was appointed as Attorney-General of the Gold Coast. Donald Kingdon was knighted in 1931.


Archive statistics 1903 - 1920

Tournament wins 1917 - Uganda Championships (Open)
1915 - Uganda Championships (Open)

Tournaments Wimbledon - 1920 Uganda Championships - 1917 Entebbe - 1914 Dinard - 1910 South of England Championships - 1910 Teignmouth and Shaldon - 1910 Fulham - 1910 Sussex Championships - 1909 South of England Championships - 1909 Teignmouth and Shaldon - 1909 South of England Championships - 1908 Cambridge University LTC - 1903

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