General John Temple Bouverie
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
London, England


From the internet:

Born in Vancouver, Canada, in 1913, Lieutenant-Colonel John Temple Bouverie Leader of the Suffolk Regiment [as he became] was from a young age a fine sportsman, excelling at tennis. Whilst his family lived in France in the early 1930s, he played tennis to a fine professional standard along the Riviera, where he was spotted by a then unelected Il Duce, Benito Mussolini. Mussolini spotted Leaders talents and asked him to come to Italy to play Tennis. It was whist here, as a guest of the Mussolini, that Leader taught him to play table tennis; the great dictator being a regular at the Leaders’ villa for some weeks as his skill at the sport improved.

John Leader married, in 1934, an American girl, Amoret Randolph, and the couple eventually settled in Norfolk near Diss, where John became an officer in the Territorial Army serving in the Suffolk Yeomanry. When war was declared, he was called up and became part of the Royal Artillery, the arm of service to which the LSH were part of.

When the first members of the US 8th Air Force began arriving in England in May 1942, John was chosen to be a liaison officer with this new group of visitors. His American wife too helped ease diplomatic relations at an awkward time. Posted to India in 1944, he was to be part of a special Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery, designed to restore law and order in the newly invaded Japan, but the atomic bomb put pay to that. In later life, he became a Justice of the Peace, the chairman of his local education committee and also a warden of his local church.


Archive statistics 1928 - 1939

Tournaments Suffolk Championships - 1939 Suffolk Championships - 1938 Cromer Covered Courts Autumn Meeting - 1938 Torquay - 1935 Torbay - 1935 South Herefordshire Championships - 1935 Irish Championships - 1933 Wimbledon - 1932 Beaulieu - 1932 Cannes Championships - 1932 South of France Championships - 1932 Cannes Beau Site New Year Meeting - 1932 Cannes Gallia - 1932 San Remo - 1932 Cannes New Courts Club - 1932 Nice LTC Winter Cup - 1932 West Sussex Championships - 1932 Juan-Les-Pins - 1931-2 Cannes Carlton - 1931 Riviera Championships - 1931 South of France Championships - 1931 Beaulieu - 1929 Beaulieu - 1928

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