General Edward Augustine
Tramore, County Waterford, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland


By Ross O’Sullivan BBS (Hons) (Mgt) MIPAV MMCEI

Edward Augustine McGuire was an artist, businessman, politician and tennis player. McGuire was educated at Douai School in Woolhampton, England. He was elected to the 6th Seanad [Irish Senate] in 1948 by the Taoiseach [Irish Prime Minister], was nominated to the 7th Seanad in 1951 by the Industrial and Commercial Panel, and re-elected in 1954, 1957 and 1961. He eventually lost his seat in the 1965 Seanad election.

As a businessman he was the owner of Brown Thomas, along with several other investments including Newtown Park House in Blackrock, County Dublin. Under the proprietorship of McGuire, Newtown Park House swiftly became the perfect background for his developing collection of 17th and 18th century European works of art, as well as a collection of Irish furniture and Chinese porcelain.

McGuire had an incredible knowledge of the artistic dynamics in Ireland prior to World War II. This was a prolific time for the development of collections, as so many of Ireland’s foremost houses were being sold off. During the 1930s, he was one of the few forerunners interested in the history of Irish painters and some of his respected articles on Irish pastellistes appeared in journals such as the Connoisseur. Many pastels by Hugh Douglas Hamilton and other Dublin artists were represented in his collection, and the influence of his interests can be seen in his works, including those consigned to this sale.

McGuire is celebrated as one of the fathers of modern artistic appreciation in Ireland and over the span of his life there were practically no governance in relation to artist on the Island, in which he was not involved in. He was on Ireland’s first Arts Council, the Cultural Relations Committee and on the Board of Governors and Guardians of the National Gallery of Ireland throughout the course of his life. His work Ecce Homo (Lot 99) exhibited in The Exhibition of Living Art (1950) being an example of this involvement.


Archive statistics 1921 - 1935

Tournament wins 1932 - Irish Hard Court Championships (Amateur)
1931 - Irish Championships (Amateur)
1931 - Irish National Championships (Amateur)
1929 - Irish Hard Court Championships (Amateur)
1924 - East of Ireland Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Irish Championships - 1935 Irish Championships - 1933 Queens Club Tournament - 1933 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1933 Irish Championships - 1932 Frinton-on-Sea - 1932 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1932 Wimbledon - 1931 Irish Championships - 1931 England vs. Ireland Team Match - 1931 Irish Championships - 1930 County Dublin Championships - 1930 Wimbledon - 1929 Irish Championships - 1929 German International Covered Court Championships - 1929 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1929 Irish Championships - 1928 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1928 Wimbledon - 1927 Irish Championships - 1927 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1927 Irish Championships - 1925 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1925 Wimbledon - 1924 Monte Carlo - 1924 Riviera Championships - 1924 Irish Championships - 1924 Irish Hard Court Championships - 1924 East of Ireland Championships - 1924 Irish Championships - 1923 Irish Championships - 1921

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