General Hugh Jerome
United States of America
, United States of America
Bethseda, Md., United States of America


HUGH JEROME LYNCH JR., retired lawyer and amateur tennis player, died Dec. 29, 1994, of cardiac arrest. Since 1949, he had lived in Bethesda, Md.

A cofounder of the firm Macleay & Lynch in Washington, Hub specialized in insurance and transportation law. He retired in 1977. In the 1930s and 1940s, he won six Middle Atlantic States Tennis Championships and a singles title in the District of Columbia. In 1959, he won the national seniors' clay-court doubles championship, and in 1961, with son Hub III '64, he won the national father-son doubles title, He won the Canadian national senior doubles in 1965 and the U.S. national senior platform doubles in 1972.

He recently wrote, "It has been a happy life, stemming principally from having married a wonderful girl and being a member of the Class of 1934." His wife of 57 years, Barbara (Bean), survives, as do a daughter, Patricia; four sons, Hugh, Thomas, John, and Robert; 12 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. To them we offer our sincere sympathies


Archive statistics 1933 - 1961

Tournament wins 1938 - Washington City Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments US Open - 1961 Perth Amboy Invitation - 1959 Middle Atlantic Clay Courts - 1954 District of Columbia Championships - 1942 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1941 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1940 Middle States Championships - 1939 Orange Invitation - 1939 US Open - 1938 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1938 Washington City Championships - 1938 New Jersey Clay Courts - 1938 US Open - 1937 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1937 US Open - 1936 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1936 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1935 US Open - 1934 US Open - 1933 Delaware Valley - 1933

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