General Sergei
St. Petersburg, Russia
London, England


Sergei Rodzianko was the fifth of the six children – five boys and one girl – of General Pavel Vladimirovich Rodzianko and his second wife, Princess Maria Pavlovna Rodzianko (née Golitsyn). Circa the summer of 1917, Sergei Rodzianko married Countess Anastasia Vassilievna Gudovich, daughter of Count Vasilij Vasilijevich Gudovich and Countess Nadezhda Pertrovna Gudovich (née Gargarina).

It is possible that, due to the dangerous political situation in Russia, the wedding of Sergei Rodzianko and Countess Anastasia Gudovich took place abroad. All six of the Rodzianko siblings and their mother left Russia at some point or other and were unable or unwilling to return following the October Revolution of 1917, which signalled the end of Tsarist Russia. (The family’s huge estate was confiscated by the communists.) Sergei and Anastasia Rodzianko had two children together, sons Piotr (b. 1918) and Alexander (b. 1922).

When the Register of England and Wales was drawn up in 1939, Sergei Rodzianko was living in the village of Brixworth in the county of Northamptonshire in the East Midlands of England. The same register lists his profession as artist. According to a short piece published in The Times of London on 13 September 1966: “Captain Sergei Rodzianko, now a portrait painter in London, was well known in international show-jumping before the war. A former Russian cavalry officer, trained at the Italian Cavalry School [in Rome], his particular skill is taking horses he has trained round the jumping ring without a bridle.”

On his death in London in June 1979, at the age of 84, Sergei Rodzianko left the sum of £1,849 in his will.


Archive statistics 1911 - 1946

Tournaments London Hard Courts - 1946 Wimbledon - 1934 Wimbledon - 1933 Wimbledon - 1932 Roland Garros - 1932 Cannes Championships - 1932 Côte d'Azur Championships - 1932 Riviera Championships - 1932 Nice - 1932 French Covered Court Championships - 1932 Juan-Les-Pins Summer - 1932 Cannes New Courts Summer Tournament - 1932 Cannes Gallia Summer Tournament - 1932 Tournoi Moliere - 1932 Wimbledon - 1931 Roland Garros - 1931 Paris International Championships - 1931 Cannes Carlton - 1929 Monte Carlo - 1927 Roland Garros - 1927 Coupe de Noel - 1927 Riviera Championships - 1927 Wimbledon - 1926 Roland Garros - 1926 Hungarian International Championships - 1925 Usti nad Labem - 1925 Championships of Berlin - 1922 World Hardcourt Championships - 1921 Swiss International Championships - 1919 French Switzerland Championships - 1911

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