General Andrei Nikolayevich
Leningrad, USSR


Higher education. Graduated from Leningrad State University (Faculty of Physics). Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

He started playing tennis at the age of 6 on the courts of the Bolshevik Sports School. Coaches: V. Protasova, I. Panasevich, O. Tsaune, A. Bulysov, E. Negrebetsky. Master of Sports of the USSR (1956). He was in the top ten of the USSR (1957-65). The best place in the ranking of tennis players of the USSR - 1st (1962).

USSR champion among youths in singles (1954) and doubles (1954-56). Finalist of the Kent County Open (1957). Quarter-finalist of youth Wimbledon (1957). USSR champion in singles (1962). Multiple champion of Leningrad in singles, doubles and mixed categories.

In terms of his style of play, he was an atypical tennis player for the Soviet era - he preferred to play exclusively from the back line. He kept the opponents in constant tension, every now and then changing the direction, the length of the blows and the degree of rotation of the ball, taking into account the weaknesses in the opponent's game. This manner of play by Andrei Potanin caused a sharp rejection of the FT of the USSR in the person of the main domestic theorist of tennis S.P. Belitz-Geyman, who, on domestic soil (in the style of the head of the Country and the Party of that time, "maize" NS Khrushchev) literally implanted on the Soviet courts the "Australian" style of play with constant exits to the net. It was the "disobedience" of Andrey Potanin, who categorically did not want to change the style of his own game, that, being the first racket of the Union, Potanin did not get into the national team of the Davis Cup, was excommunicated from many international competitions, in which, of course, he could achieve outstanding success.

Inducted into the Russian Tennis Hall of Fame (2010).

For many years she has been working as a children's tennis coach on the courts of Zelenogorsk.


Archive statistics 1956 - 1976

Tournament wins 1962 - USSR Nationals (Amateur)
1958 - Moscow Dynamo (Amateur)

Tournaments Bastad - 1976 World University Games - 1965 USSR Nationals - 1964 Riga International - 1964 Czechoslovakian International Championships - 1963 USSR Nationals - 1963 Moskwa International - 1963 USSR National Indoor Championships - 1963 USSR International Championships - 1962 USSR Nationals - 1962 USSR International Championships - 1961 USSR Nationals - 1961 Moskwa International - 1961 Zinnowitz - 1961 USSR National Indoor Championships - 1961 Moskwa International - 1960 Riga International - 1960 Wimbledon - 1959 Queens Club Tournament - 1959 Kent Championships - 1959 USSR Nationals - 1959 World University Games - 1959 Queens Club Tournament - 1958 Kent Championships - 1958 USSR Indoors - 1958 Moskwa International - 1958 Moscow Dynamo - 1958 Zinnowitz - 1956

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