General Lisle Chiere
Kiama, New South Wales, Australia
Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia


From The National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW), 8 July 1949:

Obituary. Mr Lisle Chiere Terrey dead. Leading Grazier and Sportsman.

Mr Lisle Chiere Terrey, well known grazier, sportsman and man-about-town, died at his residence Hope Street, Bathurst, yesterday after an illness extending over about six months. The deceased was in his 61st year, 33 years of which were spent in Bathurst. The late Mr Terrey was amongst the leading graziers in the State, took a keen interest in branches of sport, and was widely known throughout the western district.

Educated at the Sydney Grammar School and Sydney University, Mr Terrey arrived in Bathurst in 1916, and took up residence at Buarra, a property at Bosworth Falls, on the O’Connell Road, about 10 miles from Bathurst. In turn he acquired Leeholme, the property of the late Mr John Lee, Buniamagoo (Rockley), and Tareen, on the O’Connell Road, while he also had an Interest in Bantry Grove estate, near Newbridge. He also had large holdings in Queensland, which he disposed of several years ago.

Mr Terrey dealt extensively in stock, particularly sheep, many thousands of which passed through his hands over the past 20 years. He was regarded as one of the best judges of stock in the State, a keen buyer and an equally keen seller. He was a member of the committee of the Bathurst branch of the Graziers’ Associaton for several years. Despite his large grazing interests, Mr Terrey found time to establish himself in the sporting world. In his heyday he excelled in tennis, golf and hockey, while at cricket he was better than the average player.

He also took a keen interest in racing and many horses raced under his colors. Perhaps the most successful horse owned and raced by Mr Terrey was Lyndhurst, the winner of the two-year-old race at the Brisbane Cup meeting some years ago. Lyndhurst, however, had to be retired from racing soon afterwards because of leg trouble.

At the University, the late Mr Terrey studied both medicine and law for a time but later on decided to leave both professions and follow grazing pursuits. The deceased was one of the most popular members of the circle in which he moved. Always bright and always entertaining, Mr Terrey made many friends in all stations of life, all of whom will sincerely regret his death.

Up to some months ago, Mr Terrey enjoyed good health. However, last January, while on a visit to Sydney, he collapsed as a result of a heart attack and was removed to a Sydney hospital. For a time he showed some progress, but later his condition gradually became worse, with the inevitable fatal result. The late Mr Terrey is survived by a widow and five daughters.


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