General Dr Philippe Edmond Pierre (Pierre)
Verdé Delisle
Trie-la-Ville, Oise, France
Paris, France


Popularly known as Pierre Verdé-Delisle, this player was born in May 1877 in the commune of Trie-la-Ville in north-west France. He was the youngest of the five children – four sons and one daughter – of Paul Joseph Verdé-Delisle (1829-1878), a lace merchant, and Louise Emilie Rosalie Verdé-Delisle (née Pestel; 1843-1916). The wealthy Verdé-Delisle moved in high society and in artistic circles both in France and abroad. Paul Verdé-Delisle’s death occurred in October 1878 when his youngest child, Pierre, was still an infant.

As a lawn tennis player, Pierre Verdé-Delisle is perhaps best remembered for having taken part in 1900 in the mixed doubles event at what is now recognised as an edition of the Olympic Games. He and his compatriot Antoinette Gillou lost their first match, which was also a quarter-final encounter, to the Englishman Archibald Warden and the Bohemian player Hedwiga Rosenbaumova, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2. (Unusually, more than one team in the event in question was made up of players from different countries.)

In addition to lawn tennis, Pierre Verdé-Delisle was also a renowned breeder and owner of retriever dogs, some of which he successfully entered in dog shows in France and other countries. As of 1913, he was a member of several related clubs in France such as the Spaniel Club, the Retriever Club de France and the Club du Setter Anglais. He had been made a member of the committee of the Retriever Club de France on its founding in May 1911.

Pierre Verdé-Delisle studied medicine and later qualified as a medical doctor. It is possible that he did not practice as a doctor after completing his studies. However, his specialist knowledge and experience were called upon following the outbreak of World War One during which he served with the medical section of the French Army.


Archive statistics 1898 - 1908

Tournaments Wimbledon - 1908 Wimbledon Plate (Consolation) - 1908 French Covered Court Championships - 1906 Lyon Covered Court Championships - 1905 French Covered Court Championships - 1905 Swedish International Covered Courts Championships - 1905 European Championship - 1904 Swedish International Covered Courts Championships - 1904 French Covered Court Championships - 1903 French National Championships - 1903 Paris International Championships - 1902 French Covered Court Championships - 1902 French National Championships - 1902 Paris T.C.P. - 1902 French Covered Court Championships - 1901 European Championship - 1901 French National Championships - 1901 French Covered Court Championships - 1900 Belgian International Championships - 1900 French Covered Court Championships - 1899 Saint-Servan-Sur-Mer - 1899 French National Championships - 1898

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