General Henry Bartol
Register sr
United States of America
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America


Henry Bartol Register was the third child and the second son of Emma Teresa "Sita" (Bartol) and Dr. Henry Carney Register MD.,DDS.
During the World War I, he served as a soldier of U.S. Army in Paris, France where he became acquainted with Rose Marie De Montauzan who he married on May 04, 1919 in France.
Like many young architects of his generation, Henry Bartol Register sought a Beaux-Arts influenced education in architecture. Having attained that through study both in Philadelphia and abroad, he successfully launched a career that expanded beyond the residential work on which many architects relied. He attended the Haverford Grammar School and graduated from the William Penn Charter School in 1905, then received his B.S. in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1910, followed by his M.S. in Architecture in 1914. (Source: American Architects and Buildings database)


Archive statistics 1905 - 1915

Tournaments Philadelphia - 1915 US Open - 1912 Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship - 1910 Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship - 1909 Delaware State Championship - 1908 Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship - 1908 US Open - 1907 Longwood Bowl - 1907 Middle States Championships - 1907 US Open - 1906 Longwood Bowl - 1906 US Open - 1905

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