General Maurice Worth (Worth)
United States of America
Spokane, Washington, United States of America
San Francisco, California, United States of America



Although he competed in an era entirely different from today, Worth Oswald was arguably the best tennis player who ever graced the Whitman courts. There is no question he dominated his era to a greater extent than any other Missionary player. The Walla Walla Union newspaper in May of 1931 described Oswald as the “veteran Whitman ace and undoubtedly the best intercollegiate tennis player in the Northwest”.

A few days later, the same newspaper previewed an upcoming University of Idaho match by noting that it would be the “last appearance of captain Worth Oswald, who has not lost a singles match during four years of intercollegiate competition”. A few days after that article appeared, Oswald lost his only collegiate decision, falling in three sets to the University of Washington's No. 1 player, who he had beaten in straight sets the previous season. Oswald bounced back that same week by leading Whitman to its fourth straight NWC tennis crown. He was Whitman’s No. 1 player on each of those championship teams.

Oswald also stands as the one and only player to win the Baker Cup, which was given at the time to Whitman’s best male tennis player, in four consecutive years. While at Whitman, Oswald also competed in high-level tennis tournaments around the country. He died in 1947 at the age of 37, the result of an accidental fall.


Archive statistics 1925 - 1937

Tournament wins 1935 - California State Championship (Open)
1934 - Pacific Northwest (Open)

Tournaments Pacific Coast Championship - 1937 California State Championship - 1936 Casa del Rey Championships - 1936 Canadian International Championships - 1935 California State Championship - 1935 Pacific Coast Championship - 1935 Western Canada Grass Court Championships - 1935 Oregon State Championships - 1934 Washington State Championships - 1934 Pacific Northwest - 1934 California State Championship - 1933 Pacific Coast Championship - 1933 Pacific Coast Championship - 1932 Pacific Coast Championship - 1931 Longwood Bowl - 1930 Allegheny Mountains Championships - 1925

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