General James Joseph (Jim)
Montreal, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Brother of fellow tennis players Brendan and Patricia Macken. From the internet: James Macken played a prominent role in building the sports of tennis and squash in Canada. In tennis, he represented Canada in the Davis Cup, won the Canadian Open National Doubles Championship and played on an NCAA Championship team at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

He was President of Tennis Canada and Tennis B.C. He was inducted into the Pacific Northwest and The William and Mary Halls of Fame and received the Centennial Award for service to Canada. In squash, he was one of British Columbia’s top players in the 1950s and 1960s. He was a founding member of the Jesters organization in British Columbia as well as the Tennis Patrons and the Umpires Associations.


Archive statistics 1946 - 1958

Tournaments Canadian International Championships - 1958 Canadian International Championships - 1956 Ontario Championships - 1952 Province of Quebec Championships - 1952 British Columbia Championship - 1951 Ontario Championships - 1950 Canadian International Championships - 1949 Province of Quebec Championships - 1949 Canadian International Championships - 1948 US Open - 1947 US Open - 1946 Canadian International Championships - 1946 US Clay Courts - 1946

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