General John Dickson
Hackney, London, England
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia


Erroneously listed in some early sources as John D. Crammond, this player notably won the men’s singles title at the Victorian Championships in 1890 and, after moving to Western Australia, the same title at the Western Australia Championships in 1899 and 1901. He later returned to live in Victoria.

James D. Cramond was the sixth of the fifteen children – eight sons and seven daughters – born to John Glass Cramond, a native of Forfar, Perthshire, Scotland, and his second wife, Frances Cramond (née Hearder), who was originally from Devonshire in England. John’s first wife, Elizabeth Cramond (née Black; d. 1855), probably died childless.

James D. Cramond appears to have been born in the inner London suburb of Hackney in December 1869, before his parents emigrated to Australia with their children. However, according to, the source for this information, all of his fourteen siblings were born in Victoria, Australia.

At least one of James’s siblings, named Frances after their mother, also took part in lawn tennis tournaments.

From The Argus, 14 May 1933

Obituary – Mr James D. Cramond

The death has occurred at his home in Wangaratta of Mr James D. Cramond, a former leading tennis player. He won the Victorian Championship in 1890 and also the Metropolitan Cricket club trophy on the M.C.C. courts, and played for Victoria in inter-state matches in Sydney with Messrs Haworth Bartram, Bales and others. He went to Western Australia in 1893, where he won the championships in Perth. He also played golf.


Archive statistics 1887 - 1906

Tournament wins 1901 - Western Australia Championships (Open)
1899 - Western Australia Championships (Open)
1890 - Victorian Championships (Amateur)
1887 - Royal South Yarra (Amateur)

Tournaments Western Australia Championships - 1906 Western Australia Championships - 1905 Western Australia Championships - 1904 Western Australia Championships - 1902 Western Australia Championships - 1901 Western Australia Championships - 1899 Victorian Championships - 1891 New South Wales Championships - 1891 Geelong Easter Tournament - 1891 Buckley Trophy - 1891 Victorian Championships - 1890 Geelong Easter Handicap Tournament - 1890 Royal South Yarra - 1887

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