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The following information comes from a short introductory piece David Burt wrote to his memoir, entitled David Burt: Across The Years, and posted on the internet, here:

Across the years my life has led me through an odyssey of unforgettable happenings. I navigated a large infantry landing craft on five Mediterranean invasions. I played tennis with Katharine Hepburn, competed in the U.S. Tennis National Open, won men’s tournaments in New England, France, and Switzerland, was a college classmate of Jack Kennedy, worked a night shift for the FBI, played Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on an accordion, wrote advertising to promote national magazines, hammered and braised metal sculpture for solo exhibitions in Manhattan, New England, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Dublin, Ireland, and carried on a conversation (admittedly a brief one) with Albert Einstein.


Archive statistics 1935 - 1939

Tournament wins 1939 - Engadine Championships (Amateur)
1937 - Cape Cod Tournament (Amateur)

Tournaments St. Moritz - 1939 Northern Lawn Tennis Association Tournament - 1939 Engadine Championships - 1939 US Open - 1938 Longwood Bowl - 1938 Northern New England Tournament - 1938 Eastern Grass Court Championships - 1938 Spring Lake Invitation Tournament - 1938 US Open - 1937 Massachusetts State Championships - 1937 Rhode Island State Championships - 1937 Oyster Harbors Invitation Tournament - 1937 Cape Cod Tournament - 1937 New Hampshire Shore Championships - 1937 Maine State Championships - 1937 Northern New England Tournament - 1936 New Hampshire Championships - 1935

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