General Hugo James
Berlin, Germany
Guben, Brandenburg, Germany


The following piece was translated and adapted from the Wikipedia entry in German on Hugo Hardy, which can be accessed here:

Hugo Hardy was born in Berlin to banker James Nathan Hardy and Helena Ida Noemie Hardy (née Cahn). In his native city Hugo attended the Royal Wilhelms-Gymnasium, a type of secondary school. He subsequently studied at the University of Oxford in England. In 1900, he was awarded a doctorate in law in Heidelberg.

Hardy worked in the German colonial service and was district commissioner for German East Africa from 1906 to 1908. From 1911 he was private secretary to the secretary of state of the colony. In 1903, Hardy became a board member of the German Reich Committee for Physical Education.

Hardy himself donated 5000 Reichsmarks for the German Olympic team of 1904. At the 1904 Summer Olympics in Saint Louis, Missouri, he took part in the tennis competition as one of 22 athletes representing the German Reich. In singles, after benefiting from a bye in the previous round, he was defeated by eventual Olympic champion Beals Wright. In doubles, he lost in the first round with his American partner Paul Gleeson. For his display of African exhibits, he was awarded a gold medal at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which was held at the same time as the Summer Olympic Games of 1904.

From 1913 to 1923, Hardy was treasurer for the German Reich Committee. During the 1936 Summer Olympics, he served as a kind of chef de mission. His wife Louise (née Oppenheim; 1896-1982) belonged to the famous Jewish Oppenheim family.


Archive statistics 1896 - 1914

Tournament wins 1901 - Sopot (Amateur)
1901 - Championships of Alsace-Lorraine (Amateur)
1899 - Championships of Strasbourg (Open)

Tournaments Championships of Weimar - 1914 Cannes Championships - 1913 Prussian Championships - 1912 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1904 World's Fair amateur Championships - 1904 German International Championships - 1903 Homburg Cup - 1903 Oostende - 1903 Championships of Hamburg - 1903 Pöseldorf Prize - 1903 Championships of Berlin - 1901 Championships of Alsace-Lorraine - 1901 Sopot - 1901 Championships of the Pfalz (Palatinate) - 1901 Austrian International Championships - 1900 Wien (Vienna) - 1900 Wiesbaden Championships - 1900 Prussian Championships - 1899 Championships of Berlin - 1899 Championships of Strasbourg - 1899 German National Championships - 1899 Heiligendammer Cup - 1899 Netherlands International Championships - 1898 German International Championships - 1898 Homburg Cup - 1898 German National Championships - 1898 Prussian Championships - 1897 Championships of Berlin - 1897 Prussian Championships - 1896 Championships of Berlin - 1896

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