General Gilbert
Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Gilbert Nunns married fellow tennis player Beatrice Symons on 7 September 1933. Their daughter, Brenda Nunns (later Mrs Shoemaker; b. 1945) would also become a tennis player, while Brenda’s son, David Shoemaker, works in the administrative side of the sport.

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Gilbert Nunns was born in Leeds, England, but his family moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, when he was a child. As a young man, Nunns was given the opportunity to compete at Wimbledon, but he was not able to attend because he would have lost his full-time job in Toronto. He attended the University of Toronto and played for their tennis team for four years. He was the intramural singles and doubles champion in 1926 and a member of the team when the University of Toronto won the championship title in 1927 and 1928.

Nunns was very successful provincially and nationally in Canada, and was the Ontario, Quebec and Canadian junior singles champion in 1924 and 1925. From 1929-1931, Nunns competed in senior events and won five Ontario singles and doubles titles during that time.

Gilbert Nunns was a Davis Cup team member in 1927 when he, Dr Jack Wright, Willard Crocker and Dr Arthur Ham beat Cuba 3-2 in first-round play in the Americas Zone. In 1933, the Canadian Davis Cup team came up against Cuba again in the Americas Zone, when Nunns captured both his singles matches as Canada scored an overall 4-1 win. Nunns competed in one more Davis Cup tie, in 1934, as playing captain.


Archive statistics 1923 - 1938

Tournament wins 1931 - Ontario Championships (Open)
1930 - Ontario Championships (Open)
1930 - Eastern Canadian Championships (Amateur)
1929 - Province of Quebec Championships (Open)
1929 - Ontario Championships (Open)

Tournaments Canadian International Championships - 1938 Seigniory Club Tournament - 1935 Canadian International Championships - 1934 Ontario Championships - 1934 Seigniory Club Tournament - 1934 Ontario Championships - 1933 Canadian International Championships - 1932 Canadian International Championships - 1931 Ontario Championships - 1931 Eastern Canadian Championships - 1931 Canadian National Championships - 1931 Canadian International Championships - 1930 Ontario Championships - 1930 Eastern Canadian Championships - 1930 Canadian International Championships - 1929 Ontario Championships - 1929 Province of Quebec Championships - 1929 Canadian Covered Courts - 1929 Canadian International Championships - 1928 US Open - 1927 Canadian International Championships - 1927 Ontario Championships - 1927 Province of Quebec Championships - 1927 Canadian International Championships - 1926 Ontario Championships - 1926 Province of Quebec Championships - 1926 Ontario Championships - 1925 Canadian Covered Courts - 1925 Canadian Covered Courts - 1924 Province of Quebec Championships - 1923

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